Un ambitieux

Our Hold ’Em Basket is a stout front basket that mounts on your frame when paired with the Luggage Truss or Luggage Truss CMT for stable steering in the city. It’s big enough to carry a bag of groceries or a backpack and, thanks to the cinch-cover, it holds everything in place. It attaches and detaches in seconds from any bike that uses the KLICKfix® Handlebar Adapter System, making it the perfect shopping companion for urban life.


Key Features
  • Stout frame-mounted basket for stable cargo-carrying
  • Water-resistant cinch-top cover to hold groceries and backpacks securely inside
  • Durable and easy-to-clean for all-seasons use
  • Detaches and attaches in seconds—the perfect shopping companion
  • Mounts to a Luggage Truss on the frame of your bicycle so it doesn’t affect steering
  • Compatible with the KLICKfix® Handlebar Adapter System
  • Find compatible bikes here
Main Image
Hold 'Em Basket - front basket for folding bikes
Volume Capacity
12 l
Basket: Polypropylene Cover: Nylon
Weight (per set)
0,87 kg
Load Capacity
6 kg
Max Dimensions (per unit)
340 × 230 × 245 mm