Verge Duo

Reaching for Perfection

We’re great believers in a philosophy described by the French writer, Antoine de Saint-Exupery, “You know you have reached perfection in design, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing more to be taken away.” We set out to design the perfect bike for getting around in a flat city like Amsterdam. With only two speeds, automatic shifting, and ultra-clean lines, we think we’re getting pretty close.

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N-Fold Technology

The Faster Fold

Folding bicycle design hasn’t changed much in decades. N-Fold Technology is a small but important change that results in a faster, and more compact fold. N-Fold Technology includes new frame and handlepost geometries and spins the front wheel by 180 degrees before the central fold, resulting in a package 40 mm (1.5") shorter. Using N-Fold technology, our Eclipse and Castro bikes are only very slightly larger than the typical small wheel folding bicycle. Bicycles with N-Fold technology can also be folded – easily – in less than ten seconds.

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OCL Joint

Stronger, Better, State of the Art

The OCL Joint is a new reference in folding frame technology. It includes two new patents and everything we know about making the safest, strongest, and most durable frame joint.

  • Taller, Stronger, Stiffer — Making the hinge taller and moving the pivoting surfaces outward from the center axis more than doubles overall strength and stiffness and it’s a difference you’ll feel from your very first ride.

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3-D = Stronger

Folding bikes have a sometimes deserved reputation for flexy frames. All Tern frames feature patented DoubleTruss technology which turns the rear half of the frame into a three dimensional truss so that it’s much more resistant to torsional forces. That equals increased stiffness and much better power transfer from the pedals to the rear wheel.

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Physis 3D Handlepost

3D-Forged = Even Stronger, Stiffer, Better Ride

The Physis has quickly built a reputation as the stiffest folding handlepost on the market, but the Physis 3D takes it up a notch with 3D forging technology. The Physis 3D is forged from a single piece of aluminum. Only a small handful of factories around the world can 3D forge such a complicated, large piece. Welds are eliminated and material distribution optimized for strength. The result is a handlepost that is 2 1/2 times as strong as the original benchmark on rigorous EN tests.

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BioLogic Arx Grips with T-Tool

Be Prepared

You know the feeling: you’re on a ride and you need to adjust something and discover that you’ve left your bike tool at home. BioLogic figured that if the most handy tools could be stashed on the bike someplace, it would be one less thing to worry about. So they designed the T-Tool – a special bar end plug and hex key tool that fit right inside the handlebar grip – invisible but always there when you need it. The patented T-Tool features 4 mm, 5 mm, and 6 mm hex keys built into one handy unit with a long leverage design for the 5 mm and 6 mm tools.

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BioLogic PostPump 2.0

Always Ready for Pump Action

If you’ve ever used a traditional bicycle mini-pump, you’ve probably scraped some knuckles or ripped a valve and uttered a few choice phrases while you blew out your arms. That’s why we love the BioLogic PostPump, a full-size floor pump that’s hidden inside a seatpost. It pumps a much higher volume of air and the pumping action is easy, just like a floor pump, because you are using your whole body. And because it’s hidden in the seatpost, it’s always ready when you need it. The completely re-designed 2.0 version is slick and has an integrated Schrader and Presta adapter.

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SRAM Automatix 2-speed Drivetrain

Simply Innovative

This is innovation. The Automatix is a 2-speed drivetrain that shifts automatically. No shifters, no cables. It detects your speed and shifts when you need it. First gear is for getting started and going up small hills, and second gear is for fast riding on the flats.

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Cable Free Design

Ultra-clean Look

A bike without cables is an interesting design problem. How do we do it? Well in flat cities, you really only need one proper gear for going fast. So we did that and got rid of shift cables. We also use rear hubs with a back-pedal coaster brake which let us get rid of brake cables. Added bonus: bitchin’ skid marks. (Some countries require an additional front brake).

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BioLogic FreeDrive

Clean and Quiet

The BioLogic FreeDrive encloses the bicycle chain to keep the rider’s clothing protected from grease and dirty spray. The FreeDrive’s ingenious design moves with the chain so it is friction free, unlike with some other chain protection methods. It also reduces chain vibration and noise. With a FreeDrive, you can say goodbye to bulky chainguards and enjoy the looks and cleanliness of a belt drive with the efficiency of a chain drive.

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Luggage Socket

Carry More Stuff

When you need to carry more stuff on your bike, just plug the optional Luggage Truss into the Luggage Socket that’s welded to the head tube of every Tern bike. The Luggage Truss works with any bag, basket, or rack with a KLICKfix adapter. The benefit of a frame mounted luggage system (as opposed to fork or handlebar mounted) is that it doesn’t adversely affect steering.

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General Info
Wheel Size: 20 inch wheels
Speeds: 2
Weight: 11.3 kg (24.9 lb)
Folding Time: 10 sec
Folding Size: 36 x 79 x 72 cm (14.2" x 31.1" x 28.3")
Frame Sizes: One size
Gear Inches: 48" - 68"
Distance: Seatpost to Handlebar: Min: 580 mm (22.8") Max: 640 mm (25.2")
Distance: Saddle to Pedal: Min: 710 mm (28") Max: 960 mm (37.8")
Suggested Rider Height: 142 - 190 cm (4'8" - 6'3")
Max Rider Weight: 110 kg (243 lb)
Bell: Dulcet, brass
Frame: Verge, hydroformed 7005-AL, patented OCL Joint and DoubleTruss technology
Fork: Aluminum 6061
Handlepost: Physis 3D, Igus bearings, 4 patented technologies
Headset: Flux, cartridge bearings, dual-seal technology
Handlebar: Kinetix Comp, double-butted 6061-AL
Grip/Bars Tape: BioLogic Arx w/ T-Tool
Saddle: BioLogic Impel, chromoly rails
Seatpost: BioLogic PostPump 2.0
Seatpost Clamp: Syntace OverLock
Front Brake: Kinetix SpeedStop V-brakes, Ashima noodle, stainless hardware (option)
Rear Brake: SRAM coaster hub
Brake Levers: V, generic (option)
Brake Cable & Housing: LiveWire 7.0, anti-compression housing, slick cables, DuPont L3 lubricant, alloy ferrules (option)
Front Hub: Kinetix Neutron, cartridge bearings, QR
Rear Hub: SRAM Automatix, 2 spd.
Spokes and Nipples: Stainless steel, brass nipples
Rims: Kinetix Comp, doublewall, powder finish
Tires: Schwalbe Marathon Supreme, 42-406, RaceGuard puncture protection, Reflex
Crankset: Kinetix Supra, forged 6061 cranks, CNC chainring, CNC chainguard
Cassette/Freewheel: SRAM for hub gear
Bottom Bracket: Cartridge, sealed bearings
Chain: RustBlock, GST coated, 3/32"
Pedals: Right/QR, alloy body, anti-slip
Shifter Cable & Housing: None
Chainguard: BioLogic FreeDrive
Kickstand: Premium single, aluminum
Clip System: Magnetix 2.0
Luggage Socket: Yes
Rear Light: BioLogic TailLight
Fenders: SKS Aluflex PET, stainless hardware
Men's Journal
April 1, 2013

"It's still the perfect size to hide under your desk or stick into a trunk or closet. And though it was hardly the fastest folding bike we've used, the Verge Duo was a comfortable breeze to drive around bumpy, hill-heavy Brooklyn bike paths. Finally, at less than $1,000, it's a steal when compared with its pricier U.K.-built competitors."

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March 31, 2013

"The Verge X10 is an awfully quick little rig, scooting forward with each pedal stroke and maintaining a healthy clip in an efficient-feeling manner that's more befitting of a mid-ranged road bike than something intended for commuting. Perhaps most telling is the fact that we often grabbed the Verge X10 if we were running late for something (which was pretty much always)."

Read the full article online here.
January 16, 2013

"The Verge Duo seeks to marry performance, low maintenance and sleek lines, and does so extremely well. Tern have redesigned certain aspects of the frame to make them stiffer while making the fold even quicker. We were particularly impressed with the extremely strong and stiff Physis handlepost joint. The result is a bike that folds to a reasonably small size (easily little enough to pop in a train luggage rack) but is a blast for quick rides around town."

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Folding Bikes
December 13, 2012

"Like all the folding bikes in the Tern Verge Series, the Verge X20 is exceptional, a show-piece and speed demon wrapped in one. So far I have taken it on three semi-major rides and the attention it gets is hard to miss. I’m glad I can take it in with me wherever I go, because those looks of jealousy might turn on me."

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December 7, 2012

"What surprised me the most, was the Kinetix pro wheelset and the stock-standard Schwalbe Durano tires. I’ve underestimated them, thinking that it was flimsy and unable to take my weight. With a Godzilla-sized rider like me, the rims and tires were able to withstand our harsh road conditions. Not only that, its capable of yielding 25km/h on the average with little effort. So, imagine if you are really fit and have the power to weight ratio. This bike will fly!"

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Men's Journal
December 1, 2012

"Setup couldn't be simpler: Flip a lever to unfasten the main body and fold the bike in half, flip a level on the handlebars to fold those down, push in the pedals, and lower the seat . . . the Verge Duo was a comfortable breeze to drive around bumpy, hill-heavy Brooklyn bike paths. Finally, at less than $1,000, it's a steal when compared with its pricier U.K.-built competitors."

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Commute by Bike
June 27, 2012

"The hub tended to shift just when I would have shifted manually . . . DC is a relatively flat city, so I never experienced a disagreement with the bike about what gear it should be in."

Watch the video online here.

Urban Cycling
June 25, 2012

"Das Tern-Klapprad hat den Campingplatzcharme alter Klappräder abgelegt. Es kommt in schickem schwarz daher, der kunstvoll geschwungene Rahmen ist eine Augenweide. Mit dem Verge Duo macht sowohl der Anzugträger auf dem Weg zur Arbeit als auch der lässige Badeurlauber auf dem Weg zur Strandbar eine gute Figur.

Das Tern Verge Duo ist praktisch und schick. Wer ein Faltrad haben möchte, das sich wie ein bequemes großes Bike fährt und es kleingefaltet in einer IKEA-Tasche mit sich herumtragen will, für den ist das Verge Duo die Alternative."

May 11, 2012

"Brompton bietet pfiffige Extras und tolle Farben, Dahon und Tern haben top Sondermodelle im Programm."

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Folding bikes | Compact bicycles
May 8, 2012

"The Tern Verge X30h is by far the fastest folding bike I have ever ridden. At just under 23 lbs the X30h feels like you’re riding air. Normally, when I come to a stop light, I jump forward off of the seat and rest my foot on the right pedal in anticipation of the green light, but, with the X30h, even the weight of my foot was enough to make the bike creep forward, as though the bike wanted to speed off right out from under me."

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