Carry your child and cargo together on your GSD with ease using the Pannier Adapter Gen 2. It secures Cargo Hold 37 or Cargo Hold 52 Panniers’ Fidlock® magnetic buckles in Bucket Mode, preventing the straps from dangling and getting caught up while riding.
July 5, 2024

With its generous load capacity and a growing ecosystem of accessories, the Orox ensures you'll have everything you need wherever you go. Read on to learn about guidelines, weight limits, and calculations for safe and comfortable riding, as well as outfitting your Orox with cargo accessories.
June 7, 2024

Can't decide between the Transporteur and Hauler Racks? Let's explore the details to understand the benefits of each. Choose the Transporteur for secure storage of smaller items, or the Hauler for a narrower, more maneuverable option that can still carry the same items.
June 28, 2024