Turning Heads at Eurobike

New bike company turns up the volume in the folding bike category

Friedrichshafen, Germany — September 1, 2011 — Urban transport specialist, Tern, is unveiling its full line of unfolding bicycles and accessories to the general public at Eurobike. Tern offers 22 models of bicycles for urban cyclists with prices ranging from €400 to €2600. Tern is also displaying a full line of accessories, including innovative luggage and lighting options.

“Our mission is to get more people using sustainable forms of transport,” stated Joshua Hon, vice president of Tern. “It has been an incredible ride, working with a team of passionate and talented people and developing a completely new line of bikes dedicated to our mission. The initial reaction to the bikes has been really positive and we’re looking forward to getting more of our bikes under people when we start shipping next month.”

The Bikes

Tern’s product line features five distinct frame platforms, each with particular characteristics tailored to the needs of today’s urban cyclist.

“Urban cycling is about getting to places and getting stuff done,” stated Hon. "It’s about riding to work, doing your grocery shopping, and maybe getting to the bar on a Friday night. So urban cyclists care more about a comfortable riding position, being safe and visible at night, the ability to carry a few bags of groceries, and day in, day out reliability. These are the requirements that we’ve focused on.”

“The bicycle is an amazing invention that is absolutely critical to the future of urban transport,” Hon continues. “But its one weakness is that it can be a bit bulky and difficult to store and transport. We firmly believe that bikes designed for urban living should fold and unfold, so that they can be combined with buses and trains and also able to be stored safely indoors when not in use. A bicycle that adapts itself to your schedule and your lifestyle — that’s what we consider the epitome of urban transport.”

Product line highlights include:

Eclipse S11i
The Eclipse S11i combines the best in available technology to realize Tern’s vision of the ultimate in today’s two-wheeled, urban transport. An Alfine 11 rear hub is paired with the BioLogic Joule HG dynamo front hub, which can be turned on for power, or turned off to completely eliminate the dreaded “dynamo drag”. The Andros adjustable stem delivers a custom fit for riders of all sizes. And although the Eclipse runs on full-size 24" wheels, it still folds to the same footprint as many other small-wheeled folders.

Castro Duo
The Castro Duo is designed for one simple purpose, to get you and your stuff from where you are to where you’re going. It has only two speeds — one for flats and one for hills. Automatic shifting with the SRAM Automatix two-speed hub and a coaster brake means there are no messy cables. The integrated rack offers extra stable load carrying with clean styling.

Verge X10
The Verge X10 is the bike for city riders looking for something really light, really portable and features top-quality components. By pairing a single front chainring with an 11-36T cassette, the Verge X10 has a better chain line, faster shifts, lower weight, and eliminates overlapping gears. Ultra-light Kinetix Pro wheels make you feel like you’re flying through the streets.

Link Uno
With only a single speed and a coaster brake, the Link Uno is perfect, minimalist transport for flat cities. The Link Uno and other Link-series bikes can also be equipped with the optional Trolley Rack, a patented rack design that allows the folded bike to be easily rolled through busy train and bus stations. This is achieved with wheels that are integrated into the rack, and by cleverly utilizing the seatpost and seat of the bike as the handle to pull the bike along.

Tern bicycles are in production with shipments starting in September, 2011. Tern will be distributed in over 30 countries in select bicycle dealerships.

Tern will have bikes for test riding at Demo Day and the full line of bikes and accessories in Hall B4 booth 501. In addition, Tern is hosting a brand launch show on September 1, starting at 6:00 p.m. on the Eurobike Fashion Show stage in Foyer East.