Reboot Your Commute - Tern Launches the Vektron, the World's Most Compact Bosch Equipped E-bike

Eurobike, August 2016 -- Urban transportation specialists Tern Bicycles and leading electric drivetrain manufacturer Bosch are collaborating to create a compact and powerful folding e-bike. Debuting at Eurobike 2016, the best-in-class Tern Vektron promises to accelerate urban mobility.



Watch the Elekton video here:

“E-bikes are fundamentally transforming the way people get around in cities,” stated Josh Hon, Founder and Team Captain of Tern. “They flatten hills, make headwinds disappear, and reduce commute times – that's why people love them. Still, they're nearly impossible to transport by car or local public transport. And most e-bikes are difficult to store in downtown apartments, leaving them vulnerable to theft. The Vektron solves these issues.”



The Vektron is a Bosch e-bike that you can take anywhere. It folds in under 10 seconds to the smallest size of any bike in Tern's lineup, while delivering all the ride quality of a full-sized Bosch e-bike. When folded, the compact Vektron easily rolls aboard buses, subways and trains. And a pair stash easily into the trunk of a car for weekend getaways. Thanks to the 300Wh Bosch battery, riders can expect a range of between 50 and 100+ kilometers on every charge.

With a low-step frame and a patented adjustable stem, the Vektron is fit to share among family and friends—anyone from 140cm - 195cm. Adjusting the bike for a custom fit takes only seconds, so a single bike can serve many people. The exceptionally low center of gravity makes the bike extremely stable and easy to ride. With the included Cargo rack, it's also ideal for carrying children in a Yepp / Thule Maxi Seat.



The all-new Vektron platform integrates eight patented Tern technologies, like the adjustable Andros stem and ultra-stiff Physis 3D handlepost. The Vektron's main frame joint is the new OCL+, a heavy-duty update of Tern's OCL design, overbuilt to exceed ISO4210 and EN15194 testing requirements.



Beyond electrification, the Vektron sports robust and versatile features. From Deore hydraulic disc brakes, for all-weather stopping power, to an integrated 150 lumen Valo light, for 24 hour visibility, the Vektron takes everything great about Tern folding bikes—multi-modal commuting, portability for travel and storage, a category-leading ride—and accelerates it.

“The Tern Vektron is the happy marriage of everything we love about a Bosch e-bike, and our expertise in folding technology,” continued Hon. “By making a quality e-bike truly portable, we're created a product that will convince even more people to ride more regularly.”



“For those of us in the bike trade, you might know how hard it is to get your significant other to agree to let you add another bike to the stable,” continued Hon. “But it took only a few rides for my wife agree almost immediately to adding the Vektron. It is that good and that fun.”




Tern will debut the Vektron at the Fall trade shows, starting with Eurobike 2016. Dealers and Consumers can stop by the Tern booth at B4-406, or the Tern demo booth at DA-501, test ride the Vektron, and be entered in a drawing to win one bike each. Customers in the US and Canada can also win a bike after a test ride at Interbike. Look out for Vektron on Kickstarter, launching in October 2016. The Vektron will be priced between 2,999 EUR (DACH, BNLX, DK) and 3,300 EUR in Europe, and 3,500 USD in North America.


Download high-resolution images of the Tern Vektron here: 


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