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Upgrading Your DuoStand Gen 1 Using the DuoStand Ends

This article refers to the DuoStand Gen 1, which is only compatible with the HSD Gen 1. If you are looking for information about other bikes or other kickstands, check out this article instead.

When we first created the DuoStand Gen 1, it was made exclusively for the HSD Gen 1 e-cargo bike. Since then, we’ve further improved our design of this sturdy center-mount double leg kickstand with the launch of successive generations of the DuoStand to provide extra stability and support for our kid and cargo-carrying bikes like the HSD, Quick Haul, Short Haul, and NBD. As you can see, it now looks a little different from the original.

Unlike the Gen 1, newer generations of the DuoStand come with replaceable DuoStand Ends, which improve the stand’s functionality. If you already own a DuoStand Gen 1, you can add the DuoStand Ends to upgrade your stand.

This article will introduce the benefits of the DuoStand Ends and explain how to add them to your DuoStand Gen 1. If you’re the owner of an HSD and have a DuoStand Gen 1 that needs to be installed, please read this article before proceeding with the DuoStand Ends upgrade.

Don’t have a DuoStand Gen 1, but interested in a dual-leg kickstand for your HSD, Quick Haul, Short Haul, or NBD? Check out this article to learn more.


1. Benefits of Adding the DuoStand Ends to Your DuoStand Gen 1

Adding the DuoStand Ends to your DuoStand Gen 1 gets you three big benefits:

  • Extra stability: The DuoStand Ends stick out like feet to widen the DuoStand’s base of support. They’re also made of grippy rubber that provides extra traction. That all adds up to a more stable kickstand, which comes in handy when loading and unloading kids and cargo.
  • Protect floors: The rubber that covers the DuoStand Ends can help prevent floor scratches when parking indoors.
  • Height-adjustable stand: After adding the DuoStand Ends to your DuoStand Gen 1, you’ll be able to adjust the height of your DuoStand. That means you can swap out your tires but keep your stand (for example, when switching to winter tires).

2. How to Add the DuoStand Ends to Your DuoStand Gen 1

Option 1: Dealer Installation (Recommended)

Adding the DuoStand Ends to your DuoStand Gen 1 is a little more involved than installing most other accessories and requires special tools. What’s more, any installation mistakes could result in a broken or useless kickstand that may create major hazards.

For these reasons, we highly recommend asking your Tern dealer to install the DuoStand Ends on your DuoStand Gen 1 for you.

Option 2: DIY (Proceed with Caution)

If you don’t have a Tern dealer nearby, it’s possible to install the DuoStand Ends yourself, provided you have the necessary tools and skills.

In addition to your DuoStand Gen 1 and the DuoStand Ends themselves, you’ll need:

  • 5 mm Allen Wrench
  • 17 mm Wrench x 2
  • Hacksaw
  • Hand file
  • DuoStand Ends User Manual—follow the instructions carefully to install the Ends

Be sure to keep track of your DuoStand’s mounting hardware when you remove the stand, as you’ll need it to reinstall the stand after adding the DuoStand Ends.

Important Safety Warning

Should you choose to install the DuoStand Ends yourself, follow the directions carefully and exercise caution. Failure to do so may result in serious injury to you, your passenger, and others.

3. Please Note…

This article is intended to serve as a helpful resource for DuoStand Gen 1 owners. It is for informational and educational purposes only. Use this information at your own risk. Consult with your authorized Tern dealer for professional advice and assistance.