Kinetix™ Pro X Wheels

Hand-built straight-pull wheels
F:¥23,000(税別) | Deep Dish F:¥25,000(税別) R:¥35,000(税別)

20×16H 軽量で美しいハブを搭載。強固なエアロスポークは首部の曲げが無くまっすぐなstraight pull spokeを採用しており、しっかりとしたライディングを実現。 Deep Dish :F 20×14H / R 20×24H

  • High-profile 27 mm rims for strength and slippery aerodynamics
  • Patented Rolf® Paired Spoke Technology
  • Custom-forged straight-pull Sapim aero spokes
  • Custom hubs with precision CNC machined flanges for perfect spoke alignment
  • Stainless steel bearings
  • Individually hand-built and trued
  • Tested to EN standards for strength and durability

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Aluminum 6061

Product Reviews

...Tern, has been awarded a trio of design awards from 2015 d&I and iF Competitions in Taiwan. The Tern Perch wall mount, Verge X18 folding road bike and Kinetix Pro X Wheels were recognized for their quality and innovation.