Kinetix Pro X Wheels

Hand-built straight-pull wheels

Kinetix Pro X takes 20” wheels to the next level. High-profile for strength and aerodynamics, they’re built with straight-pull Sapim aero spokes in a patented Rolf low-count paired-spoke pattern. Custom designed hubs with precision CNC machined flanges deliver perfect spoke alignment. Hand-built and hand-trued, Kinetix Pro X wheels weigh just 1100 grams per pair.

  • High-profile 27 mm rims for strength and slippery aerodynamics
  • Patented Rolf® Paired Spoke Technology
  • Custom-forged straight-pull Sapim aero spokes
  • Custom hubs with precision CNC machined flanges for perfect spoke alignment
  • Stainless steel bearings
  • Individually hand-built and trued
  • Tested to EN standards for strength and durability
Kinetix Pro X Rims

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Aluminum 6061

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