Quick Haul vs. HSD Gen 1: Differences and Similarities

Quick Haul vs. HSD Gen 1: Differences and Similarities

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This article refers to HSD Gen 1 bikes.

At a first glance, the HSD and the Quick Haul look very similar: two extremely useful Bosch-powered e-bikes that balance carry capacity—whether it be kids and/or cargo—with being easy to store and ride. But how does the Quick Haul compare to the HSD?

In this article, we put the two bikes side by side and talk about the main differences, and main similarities between the Quick Haul and the HSD.


Carry Capacity

First things first: We see the HSD is an e-cargo bike, whereas the Quick Haul is an all-purpose compact e-bike. As an electric cargo bike, the HSD carries slightly more. The 150 kg max gross vehicle weight of the Quick Haul is not too far behind, but the key difference is in the rear rack capacity:

 Quick HaulHSD
MGVW150 kg (330 lb)170 kg (374 lb)
Rear Rack Capacity50 kg (110 lb)60 kg (132 lb)

If you are looking for a bike that will let you carry your kid to school, both bikes are a solid option up to their respective load limits. Looking to carry a heavier adult passenger or two kids instead of one? Check out the GSD instead.


Unlike the Quick Haul, the HSD has a folding handlepost that creates quite a compact package when folded down. We call this compact package "FlatFold".

HSD FlatFold

The FlatFold makes it easier to fit the HSD into a station wagon or a small elevator. It's also great if you need to store the bike in a small apartment—a flat-folded HSD can be parked upright, taking just about as much space as a potted plant.


The HSD may be able to carry more, but the Quick Haul is on average about 3 kg lighter—which makes it easier to transport and store the bike.

Riding Position

While the HSD has an upright riding position, the Quick Haul has a "just right" riding position that feels like your favorite trekking bike. We anticipate some riders will prefer the Quick Haul precisely because it feels so familiar.

Standover Height

The Quick Haul has the same low standover height as the GSD (490 mm), which makes mounting and dismounting safer and easier even when carrying a passenger or heavy loads. However, the HSD standover height is even lower (450 mm).

Bells & Whistles

The HSD is packed with premium features and components: folding handlepost, adjustable stem, suspension fork—and higher-end models come with a belt drive or even automatic shifting. In contrast, Quick Haul models vary only a bit, with the focus remaining on not straying too far from the basic essentials.

 Quick HaulHSD
AdjustabilitySpeedlifter Stem, adjustable seatpostAndros Stem, Telescopic Seatpost
Folding-FlatFold (Physis Handlepost)
DriveChain driveChain drive
Belt drive (HSD S8i, S+)
Others-Trailer mount
Frame lock
Automatic shifting (HSD S+)

But by keeping only the essential features, we've created a highly capable e-bike that doesn't break the bank. Think of it this way: The HSD is a premium e-bike with a premium price, whereas the Quick Haul is a compact e-bike with a compact price.


Yup, the Quick Haul is our most affordable Bosch e-bike yet. And at the time of writing (Q1/2022), it starts at $2999/€2999.


Bosch Motor System

There are a few good reasons why we put Bosch motors on our e-bikes. For the Quick Haul and the HSD, the options are essentially the same: Both are equipped with either a Bosch Performance Line or Active Line Plus motor, Purion display, and PowerPack 400.

Wheelbase & Length

The Quick Haul's wheelbase and length are virtually the same as the HSD's—the difference is negligible. This means the Quick Haul is super stable when carrying loads, just like the HSD.

Vertical Parking

Just like the HSD, the Quick Haul can also be parked vertically—an essential feature when storing the bike in small apartments, and carrying it into trains, elevators, etc.

Quick Haul Vertical Parking

Accessory Ecosystem

The Quick Haul shares much of the vast ecosystem of accessories designed for the HSD, so it's pretty easy to customize the bike for a wide variety of uses.


Safety and reliability are essential too, so the Quick Haul's frame and fork have gone through rigorous testing by EFBE, just like the HSD (and the GSD). Curious to learn more about how we test our bikes? Check out this article.


So there you go. At a glance, the Quick Haul may seem like a stripped-down version of the HSD. But looking more closely, all those "missing features" end up working in its favor—making the Quick Haul a sensible choice for anyone looking for an all-purpose, built-to-last, capable e-bike that includes all of the features we consider essential.

The HSD, on the other hand, remains a premium e-cargo bike with all the bells and whistles you can think of. It offers the extra comfort of a suspension fork, the convenience of the FlatFold, and much, much more.

Still undecided? We get it. Here at Tern, we tend to think that the proof is in the pudding—so we recommend contacting your nearest Tern Dealer to book a test ride.

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