Pannier Adapter

The Pannier Adapter helps your Cargo Hold panniers play nicely with a child seat in the rear position on the GSD. When using either the Cargo Hold 37s or the Cargo Hold 52s, the Pannier Adapter lets you attach the panniers' outer straps together across the top of the rear rack. The child seat's legs go inside the open panniers and the straps are prevented from dangling around while you ride. Tidy!

  • Works with either the Cargo Hold 37 or Cargo Hold 52 Panniers, when used with a child seat in the rear position on the GSD
  • Durable nylon strap with easy-to-operate Fidlock® magnetic buckles
  • Fits in a pannier pocket when not in use
  • Check this article to find out if you need a Pannier Adapter
Pannier Adapter - Special adapter for the Tern Cargo Hold 37 Pannier Bag

Get the Facts

Max Dimensions (per unit)
233 × 49 × 18 mm (9,2 × 1,9 × 0,7 i)
Nylon webbing
Weight (per set)
0,045 kg (0,1 lb)