Vizy Light

Safety—Radi(c)ally Reinvented

The Tern Vizy Light projects 360° of radial light on the ground while you ride. This creates a clear signal for cars to pass at a safe distance, and illuminates your body, so drivers can see you’re a cyclist and react accordingly. It’s weatherproof, rechargeable, and beautifully encased—safety radically reinvented.

  • Creates a wide circle of light on the ground, encouraging drivers to pass at a safe distance
  • Illuminates you and your bike, so drivers know you’re a cyclist and react accordingly
  • Includes an additional rear-facing light, for extra visibility from behind
  • 60 lumens of total light, for class-leading brightness
  • Quick-release mounting system so it’s easy to take off your bike
  • IPX5 water resistance for all-weather riding
  • 5~7.5 hr run time
  • USB rechargeable
Vizy Light

Get the Facts

Max Dimensions (per unit)
30 × 28 × 76 mm (1.2 × 1.1 × 3 in)
Weight (per set)
0.065 kg (0.1 lb)

Product Reviews

un éclairage arrière original et efficace [an innovative and efficient rear light. With it, no more reason to stay invisible!]

City Ride Magazine

Der Lichtkreis signalisiert anderen Verkehrsteilnehmern, mit entsprechendem Sicherheitsabstand zu überholen – das scheint wirklich zu funktionieren. [The Vizy Light provides a clear signal for drivers to pass at a safe distance—that really seems to work.]


Mit Vizy Light mehr Sichtbarkeit im Dunkeln: Durch den Lichtschein auf dem Boden erzeugt das Licht eine strahlende Schutzzone in der Dunkelheit. [The Vizy Light delivers increased visibility in the dark and a bright circle of protection to safeguard riders in low visibility situations.]

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