The Art of Folding

The Art of Folding

This article refers to Vektron bikes.


The Vektron fold is simple and elegant. With a little bit of practice, it will feel like second nature, or, if you prefer, as intuitive as riding a bicycle.

Folding Your Bike

1 Rotate Pedals parallel to the ground
2 Drop Seatpost down and angle Saddle to the left
3 Open Frame Joint
4 Lifting Saddle and Handlebars, N-Fold
5 Open Handlepost Joint and fold Handlepost down
6 Wrap Rear Rack Strap around Handlepost and secure it on Rack's Front Stay


For a more compact folded package, remove right Pedal before Step #2.

You can also get a smaller folded package by positioning Handlebar Stem upright, before Step #5.

You can roll the bike on its Wheels by raising Telescopic Saddle and tilting the bike backward.

Unfolding Your Bike

1 Unhook Rack Strap from Rack's Front Stay
2 Unfold Handlepost and close Handlepost Lever
3 N-Fold
4 Close Frame Joint
5 Raise Seatpost
6 Check that your bike is ready to ride using the ABCQD test


To disengage the Magnetix™ 2.0 Clip System, give the Handlebar a quick turn to the left after you’ve closed the Handlepost Lever.

Your Seatpost has minimum and maximum insertion point markings. For safety reasons, make sure your Seatpost is inserted within this range.