Clubhouse Fort Mini FAQ


Q. What is the Clubhouse Fort Mini?

A. The Clubhouse Fort Mini is an all-weather solution made up of 3 different accessories that come together to form a nice protected shelter for one young passenger. The 3 accessories are:

A seating accessory is required, and can be either a compatible child seat for a small kid, or the Clubhouse MadPad for a bigger kid.

Q. Is the Clubhouse Fort Mini a kit? I have not seen it for sale at my local bike shop.

A. The Clubhouse Fort Mini is not a kit. It's a combination of different accessories (all sold separately) that were designed to work together to provide maximum weather protection and comfort.

Q. What is the Clubhouse MadPad? Is that a separate product?

The Clubhouse MadPad is the cushion and backrest designed for the Clubhouse Mini and all other Clubhouse products. It is sold separately.

Q. Does the Storm Box Mini come with a lid, or is that a separate product?

A. The Storm Box Mini comes with two lids: a Kid Lid Mini that cinches around the passenger like a spray skirt, keeping out the wind and cold; and a lockable Cargo Lid Mini that keeps your stuff safe from the elements and away from prying eyes.


Q. Does the Clubhouse Fort Mini accommodate 2 passengers inside?

A. No. The Clubhouse Fort Mini is designed to accommodate only one passenger. To carry more than one passenger, please check the Clubhouse Fort for the GSD.

Q. What's the max recommended size for passengers fitting inside?

A. The Clubhouse Fort Mini fits most kids in child seats with no issues. For kids who have outgrown the child seat, the max height for a passenger on the Clubhouse MadPad is 140 cm (plus room for a helmet). But we tend to go conservative on these types of things, since seating setups can vary a bit from rider to rider. So if you're close to the max height, why not do a test fitting with your Tern dealer?

Q. Which child seats are compatible with the Clubhouse Fort Mini?

A. We've tested and recommend the following child seats for the Clubhouse Fort Mini on the HSD (Gen 1 or Gen 2):

If you install the Clubhouse Fort Mini on the GSD (Gen 1 or Gen 2), these are the recommended seats:

The seats listed above not only fit—they are also easy to adjust and to remove. An opening on the back of the Storm Box Mini makes it easy to adjust the knob on the Yepp Maxi and Nexxt Maxi seats, for example.

Other brands may also fit, but if we haven't tested them, then we can't recommend them. If in doubt, please work with your dealer or with the child seat manufacturer.

Q. Is this also good for transporting dogs?

A. For carrying a small or mid-sized dog, we recommend taking a look at the Doghouse Mini accessories. For more information, click here.


Q. Is the Clubhouse Fort Mini waterproof?

A. The goal of the Clubhouse Fort Mini is to protect kids from driving wind and rain. The Storm Shield Mini is made from waterproof nylon material, while the Storm Box Mini is made from waterproof tarpaulin fabric. However seams are not sealed, so under heavy rain you would expect to see some water seepage from seams and zippers.

Q. Do any of the walls/windows roll up or down for ventilation?

A. Both sidewalls roll up for complete ventilation. But even when the sidewalls are down and zipped shut, the back wall has a vent so it doesn't get too hot and muggy inside.

Q. Does it fog up?

A. Fogging is not a big issue with all of the available ventilation features.

Q. Any reflective properties?

A. Both the Storm Box Mini and Storm Shield Mini feature reflective accents.

Q. Can I add lights to the Clubhouse Fort Mini?

A. Yes. Both Storm Box Mini and Storm Shield Mini feature attachment points onto which additional lights or reflectors can be fixed if desired.

Q. Can I still vertically store my HSD with the full or even partial Clubhouse Fort Mini installed?

A. The Storm Box covers the four Vertical Parking contact points on the back of the HSD, but if you use a little extra care when choosing where and how to park vertically, this should not be an issue.

Q. The HSD doesn't have lower decks like the GSD. How is the Storm Box Mini supported on the HSD?

A. The Storm Box Mini is designed to support itself without an external lower deck, and includes additional velcro straps that attach to the Clubhouse Mini and the rear rack, and two bottom plates. The plates offer a solid base for cargo, and double as foot support for taller kids.


Q. How do I build the Clubhouse Fort Mini?

A. Follow these steps:

  1. Install the Clubhouse Mini
  2. Add the Storm Box Mini
  3. Attach the child seat or Clubhouse MadPad
  4. Add the Storm Shield Mini

Q. How long does it take to install?

A. The Clubhouse Mini and Storm Box Mini are semi-permanent attachments to your bike and take a few minutes to install or remove. The Storm Shield Mini takes about 60 seconds to install or remove, so you can do a quick weather check before your departure to decide whether to put it on or not.

Q. What do you recommend as the default configuration for the Clubhouse Fort Mini?

A. We recommend having the Clubhouse Mini and the Storm Box Mini installed all the time. There's nothing more convenient than having a 100 L soft bucket on the back of your cargo bike, while remaining compact and nimble up front. And if you're expecting nasty weather, it'll take you about a minute to install the Storm Shield Mini.


Q. If I'm buying this for hauling my kid in cold weather, do I also need the Cargo Lid Lock?

A. No, but we find the Cargo Lid Lock to be a handy item. You might find yourself doing the occasional grocery run while out with the kid, and in that case the Cargo Lid Lock might come in handy. The Cargo Lid Lock can also be used for securing components or accessories as a secondary lock.

Q. Will riding with the Clubhouse Fort Mini make the HSD less stable and more difficult to ride?

A. Riding with the Storm Box Mini is just like riding with panniers on the back of the bike. The Storm Shield Mini does catch more side winds and may take a little getting used to for a novice rider. We recommend you ride solo a few times with the complete Clubhouse Fort Mini setup to build up your confidence. Once you get used to it, add the kid (and some rain) and you'll have instant weather protection.

Q. How do I keep the HSD stable when loading/unloading the kid?

A. If you're frequently riding with your kid or carrying cargo, with or without the whole Clubhouse Fort Mini, we recommend getting the DuoStand—a sturdy, EFBE-tested double kickstand that makes the HSD extra stable.

Q. The Storm Shield Mini looks really close to my seat. Will it cramp my position?

A. No. The front panel is designed to be flexible and provide a comfortable experience for both the passenger and the rider, even if the seatpost is fully extended.


Q. Will I be able to carry cargo in the Storm Box Mini if a child seat is installed in the Clubhouse Fort Mini?

A. Yes, there will still be room to store things, particularly in the area below the kid's feet.

Q. How much cargo can I carry in the Storm Box Mini?

A. When not carrying a kid, the Storm Box Mini fits up to 100 L, with a max load capacity of 40 kg (20 kg per side).


Q. Can I build the Clubhouse Fort Mini on the GSD?

A. Yes. The Clubhouse Fort Mini accessories are compatible with the GSD Gen 1 and Gen 2.

Q. Can I use the Storm Shield Mini without the Clubhouse Mini?

A. Yes. There's an alternative setup that allows you to use the Storm Shield Mini on the HSD using the Captain's Chair and Sidekick Joyride Bars instead of the Clubhouse Mini. However, this setup is only suitable if the rider is between 170 and 190 cm tall. More information coming soon.

Q. Can I use the Storm Box Mini with the Captain's Chair and Sidekick Joyride Bars instead of the Clubhouse Mini?

A. No. The Storm Box Mini requires the Clubhouse Mini for installation.