Sidekick Seat Pad

… On A Bicycle Built For Two

The GSD lets you bring one adult passenger along for the ride. The Sidekick Seat Pad lets that passenger ride in comfort. With a KLICKfix rack mount, the Sidekick Seat Pad clips on and off in seconds. Pair it with the rest of the Sidekick kit for extra comfort and convenience.

  • Adds a comfortable rack-top cushion to the GSD
  • Attaches with a KLICKfix Rackpack mount, for installation and removal in seconds
  • Designed to fit two Sidekick Seat Pads on a single GSD rack, or one Sidekick Seat Pad and one Thule Maxi seat, for carrying young and old children together
  • Water resistant design for all-weather riding
  • Includes reflective accents for night-time visibility
Sidekick Seat Pad - Seat for a rear passenger on a GSD

Get the Facts

Max Dimensions (per unit)
305 × 185 × 95 mm (12 × 7,3 × 3,7 en)
Polyurethane leather and foam
Weight (per set)
0,785 kg (1,7 lb)

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