Sidekick Seat Pad

The Sidekick Seat Pad lets your passenger ride in comfort. With a KLICKfix® rack mount, the Sidekick Seat Pad clips on and off in seconds. Pair it with other Sidekick accessories for extra comfort and convenience.

Questo prodotto fa parte del sistema Tern Passenger. Scopri quali accessori aggiuntivi sono necessari per trasportare in sicurezza i passeggeri sulla tua bici:


  • Adds a comfortable rack-top cushion to compatible bikes
  • Attaches with a KLICKfix® Rackpack mount, for installation and removal in seconds
  • Fit up to two Sidekick Seat Pads on a single GSD rack, and one on the HSD
  • Designed for the GSD, and compatible with other bikes 
  • Water resistant design for all-weather riding
  • Includes reflective accents for night-time visibility

Recommended height: 140 cm (4'7") or above, or approximately 10+ years old. All kids are different though, so check with your pediatrician.

Sidekick Seat Pad - Seat for a rear passenger on a GSD

Get the Facts

Max Dimensions (per unit)
305 × 185 × 95 mm (12 × 7,3 × 3,7 in)
Polyurethane leather and foam
Weight (per set)
0,785 kg (1,7 lb)

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