Cache Box


Think of the Cache Box as the glove compartment of your bike. Bolted under the seatstay, it offers just enough space for some basic items you might need while touring or running errands around town—and it might just be the perfect place to store an Abus® chain to go with the HSD frame lock.


  • Discreet design that blends into the bike frame to carry your daily essentials
  • Holds up to 2 kg (4 lb), with plenty of space for a chain lock, inner tubes, a hand pump, etc.
  • Stiff, frame-bolted design prevents it from swinging while riding—and from opportunistic theft
  • Water-resistant fabric keeps dirt away from your belongings
  • Inner mesh pocket keeps smaller items in place
  • Designed for the HSD, and compatible with other bikes
Cache Box: Solid Frame Bag for the HSD Tern Bicycles

Get the Facts

Max Dimensions (per unit)
250 × 170 × 85 mm (9.8 × 6.7 × 3.3 in)
Load Capacity
2 kg (4.4 lb)
Weight (per set)
0.182 kg (0.4 lb)
Volume Capacity
1.9 l (115.9 in³)