Traveller Rack

For the long haul

The Traveller Rack is the ultimate rack for long-distance excursions. The rack easily accommodates side panniers and a rack top bag like the BioLogic Commute Bag. On the underside, protected from damage, we’ve tucked a light bracket. The rear of the rack functions as a convenient handle when the bike is folded and you need to pick it up. Built from large gauge 10 mm tubular aluminum for strength and stiffness. Includes a luggage strap. Fits most Tern 20” folding bikes. 20 kg (44 lb) load capacity. Available in silver or black.

  • Heavy-duty, aluminum-tube frame
  • Low center-of-gravity design
  • Elastic strap locks into integrated brackets
  • Fits most rear panniers and rack top bags
  • Includes a luggage strap
Tern Traveller Rack

Get the Facts

Load Capacity
20 kg (44.1 lb)