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Portable transport for the human race

The Link family of bikes is designed with a simple goal–getting you from where you are to where you need to be. Whether your journey is all on bike or a combo of public transport and bike, your Link is ready to adapt. Go by Link and keep to your own schedule. Explore below.

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La primera sorpresa que me llevé fue el proceso de armado y desarmado. Es rápido, es simple, no demanda fuerza ni pericia mecánica alguna. [The first surprise for me was the process of folding and unfolding. It's fast, simple, and does not require any mechanical strength or skill.]


Es lässt sich auf der Anreise in jedem Fernzug mitnehmen und vor Ort im gut getakteten ÖPNV. [You can easily take it with you on any long-distance train, as well as local public transport.]

Verträglich Reisen

Tern bikes in general are well appointed, and feature some impressive construction that makes for a comfortable ride that rivals more expensive folders.