Steve Gluckman and Josh Schlee Join the Tern Team

Reno, Nevada, August 30, 2018 — Urban transportation specialist Tern, and Stile Products, Tern's North American distributor, are pleased to announce the addition of two new members to the team: Steve Gluckman and Josh Schlee.

“I keep a list called ‘People in the Bike Industry I Think Are Awesome and Who I'd Love to Work with Someday’ and Steve has long been on that list,” said Josh Hon, Tern Team Captain. “Is there a person in the industry who is more expert in all aspects of the business AND brings this level of super positive energy? We are so excited to be able to add Steve's knowledge and enthusiasm to our product development team.”

Steve Gluckman, Product Development Team

A lifelong cycling enthusiast, Steve Gluckman counts himself lucky to have discovered the sweet spot where his passion for bicycles and career aspirations intersect. From assembling bikes in the late 1970s to working in the local bike shop during his university years, Steve spent his youth immersed in his passion.

Upon graduation, Steve joined US-based consumer co-op REI as bike employee #1. Over the next 28 years, he had the opportunity to wear many cycling caps at REI, gaining valuable experience as Director in Product Development, Brand Management, Sourcing and Logistics, in addition to REI's core functions of Merchandising, Retail and Customer Service.

Steve Gluckman

At the end of 2017 Steve decided it was time to try something new. He went on to start Velosavvy Products & Services, and to join the Product Development Team at Tern. “I've been following Tern with great interest since the brand's inception seven years ago,” he said about his move. “When it comes to thoughtfully considered and beautifully designed mobility solutions, Tern is leading the way. Everyone likes to be part of a winning team and I am thrilled to be joining Josh and the team on my next ride.”

Josh Schlee, Sales & Service Team

After getting his first bicycle when he was 5 years old, Josh used to spend countless hours in the garage trying to figure out how he could upgrade it or make it better—and he has essentially taken apart every one of his bikes since then.

Josh Schlee

Josh joins Tern as a Sales & Service Coordinator, in addition to being the Outside Sales Rep for the San Diego area. He brings over 20 years of industry experience, having spent 16 years helping grow Electra Bicycle Company from its grassroots beginning to the company it is today. Well-versed in sales, service, compliance, PD, inventory control, and Bosch tech, he has been called either Mr. Bike Dealer or the Swiss Army Knife (S.A.K.) when things need to get done.

“Josh is a technical service ninja,” said Steve Boyd, General Manager for Tern North America. “He's got experience in many aspects of the bike business and he understands what our dealers need in terms of communication and support. We're so happy to be able to bring him onboard as our US business grows.”