How to Carry Cargo on the Orox

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The Orox is a heavy-duty adventure e-cargo bike that’s designed to handle your hauling needs—both on and off the road. Paired with our ever-growing ecosystem of accessories, the generous load capacity of the Orox ensures you’ll have everything you need wherever you go, whether that’s returning home from the grocery store or going off camping deep in the woods.

As you may imagine, a loaded bike behaves differently on more rugged terrain than on paved roads, and may require the rider to make certain adjustments to better deal with the variable nature of off-road riding. To help you safely carry cargo on the Orox, we’ve got some guidelines in place. Read on to learn about these guidelines, our recommended cargo accessories for the Orox, how to carry cargo off-road, and more!


What are the different terrains the Orox is designed for?

The Orox is a cargo bike that’s designed for adventure. It’s capable of handling all sorts of terrain while under load, as shown below:


Type of Terrain

Paved Roads

Graded & Maintained Gravel Roads

Unimproved Trails

Terrain Description
Photo by Jay Wennington on Unsplash

Durable surface material such as concrete or asphalt, laid down on an area intended to sustain vehicular or foot traffic.

Photo by Ben Guernsey on Unsplash

Gravel placed and compacted on finer-grained soil, regularly groomed to remove obstacles.

Photo by Andrzej Rusinowski on Unsplash

Primitive trails that may contain roots, rocks, loose surface (such as mud), and hardpack. Includes areas where a momentary loss of tire contact with the ground may occur.

Passengers Allowed2 kids or 1 adult1 older kid or 1 adult (≥ 26 kg or 58 lb)No passengers allowed
Max Gross Vehicle Weight*210 kg (463 lb)210 kg (463 lb)180 kg (397 lb)

*Total weight of Bike (including battery) + Rider + Passenger(s) + Accessories + Cargo + Trailer (without braking system) cannot exceed the Max Gross Vehicle Weight indicated for the terrain type.

If you intend on carrying cargo, it’s imperative to plan ahead and know what type of surface you’ll be riding on, as each of the three terrain types listed above come with different recommended weight limits for safe riding.

What is the Orox’s load capacity?

Understanding Max Gross Vehicle Weight

To understand the load capacity of the Orox, we start with the maximum weight that a bike has been designed to safely carry. This is referred to as the Maximum Gross Vehicle Weight (MGVW).

The Orox has two sets of MGVW—one for paved roads and graded & maintained gravel roads, and another for unimproved trails.


Paved Roads
Graded & Maintained Gravel Roads

Unimproved Trails

210 kg / 463 lb

180 kg / 397 lb

Paved roads and graded & maintained gravel roads

When riding on paved roads and graded & maintained gravel roads, the Orox has an MGVW of 210 kg (463 lb). This means that the weight of the Bicycle (including the battery) + Accessories + Riders (the cyclist and any passengers) + Cargo + Trailer* must be less than 210 kg (463 lb) for safe riding.


*Trailer = Refers to the weight of the trailer with no braking system AND the weight of any cargo or passenger(s) on the trailer. Trailers with a braking system should NOT be included in the MGVW calculation.

Only use bicycle trailers that conform to EN 15918 with the Orox. Some trailers are intended to be used strictly for carrying passengers or pets on paved roads, while others may be designed for more rugged terrains. Follow your trailer manufacturer’s instructions and exercise good judgment on your riding condition to ensure safety.

Unimproved trails

The variable and often challenging conditions of off-road riding not only place the bike under greater stress, but also require more effort from the cyclist to maintain control—both of which are further complicated when you add on a load. That’s why the MGVW for the Orox on such terrain is set lower at 180 kg (397 lb). On unimproved trails, the weight of the Bicycle (including the battery) + Accessories + Rider (the cyclist, unaccompanied by passengers) + Cargo + Trailer* must be less than 180 kg (397 lb) for safe riding.


*Trailer = Refers to the weight of the trailer with no braking system AND the weight of any cargo on the trailer. Trailers with a braking system should NOT be included in the MGVW calculation.

Passengers are NOT allowed when riding the Orox on unimproved trails. This includes passengers carried on the bike itself, as well as those in a trailer. However, if you have a cargo trailer that’s designed for operating on such terrains, you may use it for cargo purposes only. Follow the trailer manufacturer’s instructions for your own safety.

Understanding max rear/front cargo weight

Maximum rear cargo weight

The robust Atlas X rear rack of the Orox is rated to carry loads of up to 100 kg (220 lb).


It’s important to make sure the combined weight of your cargo, accessories, and any passenger(s) on the rear rack is under the 100 kg (220 lb) limit.

Maximum front cargo weight

The Trail Rack is especially designed for riders who’d like to add a front rack to the Orox for carrying additional cargo up front. On paved roads, it can carry loads of up to 25 kg (55 lb).


Understanding the cargo weight limits for different terrain types

In addition to respecting the MGVW of your bike for different riding conditions, there are also recommended cargo weight limits set for each condition, as most riders are comfortable carrying a percentage of their body weight.

The cargo weight is the combined weight of your Cargo + Accessories + Any Passenger(s). If you have a trailer with no braking system, its weight as well as the weight of any passenger or cargo onboard the trailer must also be included.

We recommend not exceeding the following cargo weight limits for comfortable handling of the Orox on different terrains:

Cargo Weight Limit

Paved Roads

Graded & Maintained 
Gravel Roads

Unimproved Trails

70% of the rider’s weight

50% of the rider’s weight

20% of the rider’s weight

How much cargo weight can I carry on the Orox?

Use the formula below to determine the maximum cargo weight you can carry on the Orox for the type of terrain you’ll be riding on.

For paved roads and graded & maintained gravel roads:



For unimproved trails: 


Next, compare the maximum cargo weight for your setup obtained from the formula to the cargo weight limit specified for your riding terrain (either 70%, 50%, or 20% of the rider weight). To ensure safe and comfortable handling of the bike, keep your actual cargo weight within both the maximum cargo weight and the cargo weight limit.

A quick summary: guidelines, weight limits, and calculations

We’ve given you a lot of information that may be a tad difficult to remember, so here’s a simple chart with the information you need for calculations:

Riding with Passengers and Cargo

Type of Terrain

Paved Roads

Graded & Maintained Gravel Roads

Unimproved Trails

Passengers Allowed

2 kids or 1 adult

1 older kid or 1 adult (≥ 26 kg or 58 lb)

No passengers allowed

Cargo Weight*

Should not exceed 70% of rider’s weight

Should not exceed 50% of rider’s weight

Should not exceed 20% of rider’s weight


210 kg (463 lb)

210 kg (463 lb)

180 kg (397 lb)

*Cargo weight = Cargo + Accessories + Passenger(s) + Trailer (without braking system) 

**Total weight of Bike + Rider + Passenger(s) + Accessories + Cargo + Trailer (without braking system) cannot exceed the MGVW indicated for the terrain type

Tip: The weight of your Orox model is printed on the safety sticker on your bike frame, while the weight of all Tern accessories can be found by searching our Accessories page for said accessory and looking under its product specs. The weight of your Bosch PowerPack battery(ies) can be found on Bosch’s e-bike battery page.

How do I load cargo on the Orox?

Load your cargo from the bottom up, and spread the weight evenly on both sides of the bike. Since the rear rack can handle substantially more weight than a front frack, it’s best to load your heaviest cargo on the rear of the bike and put lighter cargo in front. Make sure the cargo in front does not obstruct steering or vision. Finally, secure all cargo before riding.


Outfitting your Orox

Rear Cargo Accessories


Stow Decks

Stow Decks are a pair of sturdy platforms for the Orox that deploy and lock at different angles to keep partially-loaded panniers stable and compact, and support full loads. Integrates perfectly with the Cargo Hold 72 Panniers to fold away neatly when not in use.


35 kg


525 x 161 x 74 mm

TN-photo-KB-OROX_S12_275-gen1-ClubhouseG3-WeatherTopBag-Cooler_web-copy_web.jpg 0 of 1 item selected

Clubhouse Gen 3

Clubhouse Gen 3 creates a cargo carrier on the back of the Orox. Strap the WeatherTop Bag or WeatherTop Cooler to the rails for an instant grocery setup, or place a 600 x 400 Eurocrate in the available space to load up on anything.




795 × 551 × 230 mm

Front Racks


Trail Rack

Trail Rack is designed for carrying additional cargo up front on the Orox. Use the side rails to attach a regular-sized pannier to either side of the front rack, and place cargo that won’t fit in panniers on the top platform.


25 kg


545 x 326 x 260 mm

Bags & Panniers


Cargo Hold 72 Panniers

Cargo Hold 72 Panniers are a pair of massive, waterproof panniers for the Orox that hold days worth of groceries and gear. Comes with Fidlock® magnetic buckles for easy opening and closing. Use in Bucket Mode for bulky cargo, Pannier Mode to keep stuff dry and dirt-free, or FlatFold for compact storage. Includes a pair of Guard Panels for added passenger protection.


20 kg per pannier (40 kg per pair)


72 L per pannier (144 L per pair)


660 x 385 x 200 mm (unfolded)



RidePouch stores ride necessities such as a chain lock, water bottle, or snacks for refueling. It fits perfectly on the front mounting points of the Orox rear rack, so your essentials are always within reach.


1.2 kg


1 L


105 × 85 × 180 mm

Can I use a trailer with the Orox?

Yes! Using a trailer is your best option when you want to haul something that won’t fit on the bike. The TowBar is a dedicated trailer hitch mount that’s built right into the Orox frame.


How can I make the Orox extra stable for loading and unloading heavy cargo?

Orox comes standard with the heavy-duty Atlas Kickstand XL to ensure your bike stays wobble-free when loading and unloading passengers and cargo. But if you find yourself frequently carrying supersized loads, we’ve got something that can help give your bike even more stability.


Lockstand Extensions

Lockstand Extensions attach to the ends of the Orox double kickstand to give it an extra-wide footprint for even more stability. They also make the kickstand easier to access—especially when you’ve got fully-loaded panniers.




110 x 57 x 31 mm (per pair)

Some friendly reminders

  • Please ensure you do not exceed the MGVW and cargo weight limit specified for the type of terrain you’ll be riding on.
  • Get to know how to handle the Orox safely before you add on passengers and cargo. Start slowly on easier terrain and build up your skills.
  • Remember you’ll need extra time and space to decelerate and come to a stop when riding with cargo. Use caution when approaching intersections and other braking situations.
  • Ensure that items are firmly secured to the bike. Use Batten Straps to tie down loose items and prevent them from moving around or falling off the bike during transport.
  • Check out our Orox Passenger Guide if you’d like to learn more about carrying passengers.

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