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Bike Frame Lock Recommendations for the Tern Quick Haul & Short Haul

If you’re a Quick Haul or Short Haul owner, you might want to add a bike wheel lock (also known as a cafe lock) to ensure your bike is parked safe and sound. Read on to learn what you should consider before buying a lock and what we think are the most suitable options for these Tern bikes.

What to consider when choosing a bike frame lock

When looking for a bike frame lock, the most important thing to consider is its placement on the bike. Both the front and the rear of the bike have their pros and cons.

Think about how the lock’s location could make things easier for you. Where and how do you usually park? What kind of Tern bike accessories are you currently using? What other accessories would you like to use in the future?


Where on the bike should I install the wheel lock?

You can install the lock just below the seat stays on the frame or behind the front fork.

Seat stays

Placing the lock below the seat stays proves great for both the Quick Haul and Short Haul. But if you’re using bulky accessories such as the Storm Box Mini or the Clubhouse Fort Mini, consider installing the lock behind the front fork instead. Doing so provides more space for lock operation, minimizing any potential hassle. Depending on how you park, it might work perfectly.


Mounting location on the Quick Haul

Mounting location on the Short Haul

Front fork

Installing the frame lock just behind the Quick Haul and Short Haul front fork is much easier than on the rear rack. You’ll have more wiggle room to mount it as you can turn the front wheel freely, provided the lock gap is wide enough to go around the fender. However, once the lock is installed, it will not affect the use of accessories such as the front rack. See the photo below.


What bike wheel locks can fit my Quick Haul or Short Haul?

Now you know what to consider before buying a bike frame lock for your bike, here are our three recommendations: Abus 4650L, Abus 4750L, and AXA Block XXL. However, depending on your choice, you might need spacers to ensure that the cafe lock stays put.


ABUS 4650L

ABUS 4750L


Short Haul (Fork)

Quick Haul (Fork)


Short Haul (Frame)



Quick Haul (Frame)




✅ = Lock fits without spacers

🟡 = Lock fits only with spacers of at least 4 mm thickness

If you’re a Short Haul rider using the Carryall Trunk and would like to install a cafe lock, it will not cause interference (see the photo below). However, the Carryall Trunk strap and the frame lock share the same mounting point. If a spacer is necessary for installation, ensure the spacer thickness is adjusted equally on both sides. If you don’t do this, the lock ring may be unable to enter the frame lock if the left and right sides are of differing heights.


Mounting location for a cafe lock on a Short Haul with a Carryall Trunk

We advise you to consult your local Tern dealer before purchasing to get a full picture. It’s possible that other brands or models also fit, and our dealer is in the best position to consider some technical bits that you might’ve overlooked. This will ensure that the lock will fit perfectly on your bike and won’t interfere with anything else!