Quick Release CMT™

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Our bikes and accessories were designed to help you carry stuff, but sometimes you just want to carry less. The Quick Release CMT is a quick-release bolt that makes installing and removing our Combo Mount-compatible racks easily, without tools, and in under a minute—so you can quickly change the bike setup if the rack is temporarily not needed, or reduce the bike package size to fit into smaller vehicles or storage spaces.

  • Designed for Tern bikes equipped with a Combo Mount
  • Easily install or remove front-mounted racks and accessories in under a minute
  • No tools required
  • Hassle-free option to switch accessories according to your needs

Get the Facts

Max Dimensions (per unit)
135 × 37 × 19 mm (5.3 × 1.5 × 0.7 다음에 포함됨)
Axle: Cr-Mo, Lever: Aluminum
Weight (per set)
0.093 kg (0.2 lb)