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Our Node bikes roll on full sized wheels, and are ready—at a moment’s notice—to handle the groceries, all kinds of weather and nighttime rides. They’re as solid and comfortable as dutch city-bikes, but they fold down small in ten seconds, so you can bring them on the subway, store them in your apartment, or hide them under the desk at work. Explore below.

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Das Rad ist robust und ordentlich verarbeitet. Und: es fährt sich gut, auch mit Ladung im Heck. [The bike is robust and well manufactured. Plus, it rides well, even with a load in the back.]


Knapp 170 Unterstützerinnen und Unterstützer haben auf Kickstarter im Schnitt 900 Dollar zugesichert, sodass das Finanzierungsziel von 60'000 Dollar um mehr als das Doppelte übertroffen wurde. [Nearly 170 supporters pledged an average of $900 to Kickstarter, so that the funding target was exceeded by 60,000 dollars to more than double of the amount.]