Tern Bossless Bottle Cage

Quick-mount hydration

The Bossless Bottle Cage lets you add a bottle (or three) to any bike—mounts or not. We designed it so Tern bike riders can add extra water bottles to their seatposts or handleposts, but it works just as well on bossless track bikes, under-equipped road bikes, and long-haul tourers.

  • Velcro fastening system secures the cage without water bottle mounts, bosses, or eyelets
  • Mounts to any seatpost, handlepost, seat tube, head tube, or down tube with a diameter of 22 – 41 mm
  • Sprung cage design snugly grips small and large bottles (63 – 73 mm in diameter) for a rattle-free fit
  • Grippy rubber base prevents movement during rides
  • Optimized for stainless steel bottles thanks to non-scratch polycarbonate
  • Find compatible bikes here
Tern Bossless Bottle Cage: Bike Bottle Cage

Get the Facts

Max Dimensions (per unit)
145 × 90 × 73 mm (5.7 × 3.5 × 2.9 in)
Weight (per set)
0.072 kg (0.2 lb)