Frame Replacement Notice

Check Your Service Tag Number

This page should NOT be used for bicycles that were purchased in Australia. If your bike was bought in Australia, please click here for more information.

If your bicycle is an S- or X-Level Verge or Eclipse and the Frame Number starts AM1A or is within range AM1102 through AM1207, inclusive, please enter your Service Tag Number into the form above. The results of the form will tell whether or not your bike is affected by the recall and will provide additional information on how to proceed.

Your Service Tag Number is an 8-character combination underneath the QR Code located on the underside of the Down Tube. Please note that Service Tag Numbers do not contain the Latin letters I and O, but do include the letters B, G, D, L, and S so please be sure not to confuse these letters as numbers.

If your bicycle does not have a Service Tag, please stop riding your bicycle and contact your local, authorized Tern dealer for more information.