FBL™ Frame Joint

Strong and secure

The FBL (Four-Bar Linkage) Joint is a tried and true design that keeps a frame securely locked. It features a forged and precision machined lever designed to offer a smooth surface for fingers. All other hardware is stainless steel for durability.

DoubleTruss™ Technology


Tern車架後半部使用專利的3D結構, 稱為DoubleTruss, 打造額外的剛度。它能幫助對抗扭力, 所以我們的自行車更不易扭曲。這意味著增加了剛度, 還更好地把能量從踏板傳送到後輪。穩固的騎行就是最好的證明。

Telescopic Handlepost


Our Telescopic Handlepost gives you the option of riding high for comfort, or low for aerodynamics. It retracts into a short, compact package for portability, but only takes seconds to extend. Plus, it’s stiff and strong, so you get full-bike rigidity.