Tern Unveils Special Multi-tool

Tern Tool patented design includes 15 mm wrench for pedals and axle nuts

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA — September 17, 2012 — Urban transport specialist, Tern, today unveiled the Tern Tool, a unique bicycle multi-tool. The patented design features a high-leverage 15 mm wrench for axle nuts and pedals in addition to 19 other tools for all the parts found on a Tern bicycle.

“We designed the Tern Tool to be the only tool you need when you set off for a ride on your Tern,” stated Joshua Hon, Tern vice president. “But it’ll also work well for those fixie riders who’ve searched high and low for a mini-tool with a 15 mm wrench. As far as we know, it’s the only bicycle mini-tool with a 15 mm wrench. A lot of our bikes come with internal hub gears so you need a long leverage 15 mm to get those beefy axle nuts off.”

Patented StuckNut™ technology securely locks the wrenches to the tool body, so the body becomes an extended handle. With a total of 15 cm of leverage, the Tern Tool is great for tightening or loosening axle nuts or pedals. The included neoprene cover can be slipped onto the body handle for a more comfortable grip. The tool folds into a flat, compact size and can be easily slipped into pant pockets or a ride jersey. The tool has dimensions of 90 × 54 × 28 mm (3.5″ × 2.1″ × 1.1″) and weighs just 175 g (11 oz).

The Tern Tool comes with a tire patch kit and includes the following tools:

  1. 6 mm crescent wrench
  2. 8 mm crescent wrench
  3. 10 mm crescent wrench
  4. 15 mm crescent wrench
  5. 2 mm hex key
  6. 2.5 mm hex key
  7. 3 mm hex key
  8. 4 mm hex key
  9. 5 mm hex key
  10. 6 mm hex key
  11. 8 mm hex key
  12. 3.2 mm spoke key
  13. 3.45 mm spoke key
  14. 4.0 mm spoke key
  15. Flathead screwdriver
  16. #2 cross-head screwdriver
  17. T25 Torx screwdriver
  18. Bottle opener
  19. Tire lever
  20. Chain tool

The Tern Tool has a MSRP of US$40 (€40) and is shipping worldwide now.

Tern will be displaying its product lineup at Interbike in booth #18065 and at Demo Day at booth #D2009.