Dog Roof Mini

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99,- €

The Dog Roof Mini is a folding roof construction for our Soft Crate Mini that allows you to transport your dog safely and stylishly. Open the roof and let your dog enjoy a 'convertible ride' or zip the roof closed during a rain shower to keep your dog dry. Puppy-friendly mesh side panels provide fresh air to keep your dog happy and healthy during the ride.

  • Part of the  Doghouse Mini — a soft crate for transporting a small or medium-sized dog* up to 30 kg
  • The (closed) roof can be folded and secured with a Velcro closure, while the mesh upper can be opened and rolled up separately with a zipper
  • Made from durable materials and mesh panels that are easy to clean
  • Designed for use with the  Soft Crate Mini
  • Requires the  Clubhouse Mini  for mounting 
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**The Doghouse Mini is designed for trained small/medium sized dogs. If you have another pet or are unsure whether your dog can be transported comfortably in the Doghouse Mini, we recommend that you contact your vet for advice.


De feiten

Max. afmetingen (per eenheid)
482 × 506 × 183 mm (19 × 19,9 × 7,2 in)
Gewicht (per set)
0,525 kg (1,2 lb)