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How to Install the Atlas Lockstand Protector

Have you experienced issues with your Atlas Lockstand? There may be a simple fix. 

When dirt, pebbles, salt, and other road debris find their way into the Lockstand’s small moving parts, they can prevent proper functioning. For example, debris can get stuck in the locking mechanism and physically block it from fully engaging.

It’s not too different from how buildup on your car’s undercarriage can cause your vehicle to underperform—except the Lockstand is even closer to the ground, which makes it a little more vulnerable to this problem.

The solution has two easy steps:

  1. Clean your Atlas Lockstand regularly. It’s quick and easy. You can find instructions at this link.
  2. Install the Lockstand Protector to keep your Lockstand cleaner and reduce the frequency of necessary maintenance.

This article is about step #2. We’ll explain what the Lockstand Protector is and provide detailed installation instructions.

What is the Lockstand Protector?

The Lockstand Protector is a small protective sheath that fits over the Lockstand’s latch to protect it from debris. The sheath includes three connectors:

  1. hook that attaches to the Lockstand’s spring cable,
  2. An elastic band that extends over the latch bracket, and
  3. tab that inserts into the slot on top of the latching mechanism on the base plate. 
Top of the latch


What You’ll Need

  • GSD (Gen 2)
  • Atlas Lockstand
  • Lockstand Protector (contact your friendly neighborhood Tern dealer to get one for free)

Safety Warning

The Atlas Lockstand is spring-loaded. The force of the spring is powerful enough to allow the Lockstand to move freely underneath a fully-loaded GSD. Failure to follow the directions carefully could result in serious injury.

In particular, ensure that you:

  • Press the Remote Unlock lever and put up the Atlas Lockstand with your bike in the horizontal position. Do not vertically park your GSD to begin installation until after you’ve put up the Lockstand.
  • Do not attempt to install the Lockstand Protector with your GSD in the horizontal position.
  • Do not deploy the Lockstand during the installation process.

Safety Warning

How to Install the Lockstand Protector: 11 Steps with Photos

  1. Park your GSD horizontally on level ground.
  2. Remove any cargo and empty the panniers. Secure the panniers closed.
  3. Unlock and put up the kickstand. To prevent injury, be sure to perform this step before vertically parking the bike.
  4. Lift your GSD to the vertically parked position.Vertically Parked
  5. Secure your GSD to a service stand or use cargo straps to tie it to something sturdy. This reduces the risk that your GSD will fall over while you’re working on it, which could cause injury or damage your bike or accessories.
  6. Turn the Lockstand Protector inside out to reveal the three connectors (the hook, the elastic band, and the tab).aaa


  7. Attach the hook to the spring cable. To do this:
    1. Find the spring on top of the Lockstand’s latching mechanism. 
    2. Pinch the spring upwards a bit using your fingers to reveal the cable underneath. 
    3. Attach the hook to the cable and gently release the spring. b


  8. Extend the elastic band over the latch bracket. Secure the band to the area between the base plate of the Lockstand and the latch bracket. If the entire sheath unfolds during this step, fold back the upper part of the sheath. Before proceeding to the next step, make sure the lower part of the sheath is unfolded. c
  9. Insert the tab into the slot on top of the latching mechanism (which is part of the base plate). Make sure the elastic band stays wrapped around the latch bracket. d
  10. Unfold the sheath and adjust the Lockstand Protector. It should now be fully right-side out. Installation is complete.


How to Install the Lockstand Protector: Video (with On-Screen Text)