Telescopic Seatpost™

Longer seatpost. Smaller fold.

Our Telescopic Seatpost extends 90 mm longer than our stock seatpost, but thanks to its unique design, it’s 120 mm shorter when retracted. It features a dual-bolt head design for precise saddle adjustment, and an inner post diameter of 27.2mm, so you can customize it with other posts. It’s the perfect upgrade for tall riders looking for the perfect fit, or any rider looking to make their bike more compact.

  • Reduces folded bike size with 120 mm (4.7”) shorter retracted length
  • Up to 90 mm (3.5”) longer than our stock post
  • Compatible with 33.9 mm seat tubes
  • Dual bolt head design for precise saddle adjustment
  • Endless possibilities for customization
Tern Bicycles Telescopic Seatpost Adjustable Bike Seatpost

Get the Facts

Max Dimensions (per unit)
340 × 80 × 55 mm (13,4 × 3,1 × 2,2 ebben)
Aluminum 6061