Tern GSD and Storm Box

How to Carry Cargo with the Storm Box

This article refers to GSD Gen 2 bikes.


Part of what makes the GSD incredibly useful is its versatility: it offers so many different ways to carry cargo and Get Stuff Done. That being said, if you’ve got a lot of stuff to haul, the Storm Box for the GSD Gen 2 is probably the easiest, most convenient, and most foolproof way yet.

In this article, we’ll explain what the Storm Box is, how to use it, and some of the benefits it offers.

What Is The Storm Box?

When combined with the Sidekick Wide Decks, or the Clubhouse Gen 3/Clubhouse+, the Storm Box transforms the rear of your GSD Gen 2 into a massive, weather-protected compartment, perfect for carrying cargo of all shapes and sizes.

It’s basically a soft-but-sturdy box with two different lids (both included with the purchase of the Storm Box)—one for carrying cargo, and one for carrying kids. We’ll focus on cargo in this article, but you can learn more about using the Storm Box for carrying kids here.

If you love the GSD’s convenience and compact size but also admire the “throw it in and forget it” nature of box bikes, the Storm Box is for you.

What Other Accessories Do I Need to Use the Storm Box?

You need the Sidekick Wide Decks and the Clubhouse Gen 3/Clubhouse+ to use the Storm Box. The Sidekick Wide Decks create a solid base for the Storm Box, while the Clubhouse Gen 3/Clubhouse+ makes up the upper frame.

All three accessories are required for this setup, and each is sold separately.

Clubhouse Fort diagram

How Much Cargo Can the Storm Box Carry?

The Storm Box has a capacity of 160 L. The maximum load limit is 25 kg on each side of the Storm Box, not including the weight of any passengers on the rear rack.

What Kind of Cargo Can the Storm Box Carry?

Within the above-stated limits … the sky’s the limit! If you’ve got something to carry, just toss it in. Bags of groceries, your briefcase, yoga mats, packages, tools, musical instruments—you do you.

With the Storm Box, you don’t need to spend time puzzling out how to secure irregularly shaped items to your GSD, because anything that fits can simply be placed inside the soft bucket of the Storm Box.

Another neat thing about the Storm Box is that it makes it particularly easy to carry long items like fishing poles, gardening tools, guitars, and more. Just place them in the Storm Box vertically and tether them to the GSD’s rear rack if necessary.

How Can I Secure My Cargo Using the Storm Box?

The Storm Box comes with a Cargo Lid made from waterproof fabric. Not only does the Cargo Lid keep your stuff dry, but it also protects whatever you’re carrying from prying eyes.

Need to make a quick stop and can’t keep an eye on your bike? The Cargo Lid has holes in it to accommodate the Cargo Lid Lock, a long cable with a combination lock that provides a bit of extra protection against opportunistic theft.

What Other Benefits Does the Storm Box Offer?

You mean apart from carrying everything under the sun, keeping your stuff dry in wet weather, being incredibly easy to load and unload, and keeping potentially valuable cargo out of sight?

Well, as mentioned above, it’s also great for carrying kids, and it’s super easy to convert to that purpose. Just swap the Cargo Lid for the Kid Lid and you’re in business.

Can I Still Park the GSD Vertically with the Storm Box Installed?

It's doable with extra care, as long as you’re using the Flat Bar for the Clubhouse Gen 3/Clubhouse+ and not the Child Seat Expansion Bar.

The Storm Box covers two of the contact points between the rear of the GSD Gen 2 and the ground, so take an extra moment to ensure that your GSD is stable when parking vertically with the Storm Box.

Also, be aware that the rear of the Storm Box will come into contact with the ground, which could result in scratches and other damage.

Is the Storm Box compatible with the original Clubhouse?

No, the Storm Box is only compatible with the GSD Gen 2 equipped with the Clubhouse Gen 3/Clubhouse+.