Mainstay™ Chain Guide

La solución al goteo de cadena

If you could watch your chain, you’d see waves of energy literally bounce the chain as it moves up and down the cassette or when riding on rough roads. With the shorter chainstays of folding bikes, the waves just get amplified in size. We spent 12 months modeling chain movement on different combinations of cassettes and chainrings and chainlines and developing a device to eliminate chain drops for all combinations. That’s new Tern Mainstay Chain Guide, a patented design that keeps your chain in its place.

  • Elimine el típico goteo de la cadena en las bicicletas plegables
  • Funciona con todas las combinaciones de cassettes, y anillos de cadena y líneas de cadena
  • Diseño patentado

Get the Facts

Max Dimensions (per unit)
70 × 80 × 35 mm (2,8 × 3,1 × 1,4 en)
Weight (per set)
0,05 kg (0,1 lb)