Tarsus™ Fork

Stronger, lighter, faster

The Tarsus Fork brings hydroforming technology to our forks. The Tarsus is an objectively beautiful piece of engineering. It’s strong, compatible with internal cabling, and can reduce the weight of your Tern bike by up to 306 g. It’s one of the most covetable upgrades we’ve ever created. Buy one and complete the look of your Verge frame, or significantly upgrade your Link bike.

  • X-level fork designed to compliment Verge hydroformed frames
  • Strong single piece of hydroformed 6061 aluminum tubing
  • Reduce the weight of your bike by up to 306 g (All Tern D- and N-level bikes, Link C8)
  • Internal cabling compatible for seamless dynamo lighting

Get the Facts

Max Dimensions (per unit)
101 × 90 × 460 mm (4 × 3.5 × 18.1 in)
Aluminum 6061
Weight (per set)
0.598 kg (1.3 lb)