How to Transport Your GSD

How to Transport Your Tern (E-)Bike

There may be times when you want to transport your bike to another location and start your ride from there. That's a no-brainer with a folding bike—but even if your Tern bike doesn't fold in half, taking it from one place to another is still surprisingly easy due to their compact size and storage-friendly design.

In this article, we’ll show you how features like Vertical Parking and FlatFold make it easy to transport your bike.

Vertical Parking

Some Tern bikes can be parked vertically, which dramatically reduces the amount of floor space necessary to store the bike. This could be handy if you need to take an elevator or a train with your bike, or even if you just want to store the bike indoors.

The following bikes can be parked vertically:

  • GSD
  • HSD
  • NBD
  • Quick Haul
  • Quick Haul Long
  • Short Haul
  • Orox

How to Vertically Park and Roll Your Bike

Hold on to the handlebars, apply the rear brake, and walk backward until the bike stands up. There’s no need to pull upward—it’s actually a lot easier to just focus on walking backward.

To roll the bike in the vertical position, release the rear brake and push the bike forward using the handlebars.

To park, ensure that all four rack tubing support points are in contact with the ground and that the bike is parked on a flat, even surface before you let go of the bike. Optionally, you can fold down the handlepost for an even smaller profile.

To unpark, hold on to the handlebars, apply the rear brake, and walk forward until the front wheel makes contact with the ground. Don’t try to catch the bike as it comes down; just walk forward with control.

Safety Tip

Always secure your vertically parked bike to prevent it from falling over. And please remember that your vertically parked bike is only as stable as the ground it rests on.


On some Tern bikes, the handlepost can be folded down to create a super compact package in a matter of seconds. This is extremely useful if you need to transport your bike inside a minivan or larger vehicle, or outside a smaller car with a bike rack, for example.

The following bikes can be flat-folded:

  • GSD
  • HSD
  • NBD

How to FlatFold Your Bike

Open the Andros Stem levers and adjust the stem so that it’s in line with the handlepost.

Then, turn the handlebar so the brake levers point upward. Close the Andros Stem and rotate the handlebars 180 degrees so that the front wheel rotates 180 degrees as well.

Then, slide the security knob on the Physis Handlepost and open the lever. Pull the handlepost down. On the GSD and HSD, use the black rubber strap under the top tube of the bike to secure the handlepost.

Finally, lower the saddle.

As an optional last step, NBD riders can store the bike in a FlatFold Bag to protect it against bumps and scratches.

Safety Tip

When transporting a flat-folded bike inside a vehicle, make sure to secure it to something in case something unexpected happens.