Tern Links Public Transport and Folding Bikes in 10 major German Cities and Regions

Urban bike maker expands roster of transit authority partners to cover over 30% of nearly 10 billion annual passengers in Germany.

TAIPEI, TAIWAN — October, 2014 — Urban transport specialist Tern today announced partnerships with four new public transit authorities in Germany to encourage use of folding bicycles with public transport.

The new regions are the Lake Constance area (with three public transportation networks Bodo, Naldo and DING), the greater Frankfurt area (RMV), the city of Augsburg (Stadtwerke Augsburg) and the Rhine-Neckar-Region including Heidelberg. Tern transit authority partnerships now cover 10 major cities and regions and reach over 30% of the nearly 10 billion annual passengers throughout Germany.

“Turning bicycle advocacy into progressive public policy is close to the heart of our brand,” said Josh Hon, Tern Team Captain. “We are amazed how quickly this program has spread and look forward to helping more people understand and take advantage of multi-modal transportation systems.”

Established in conjunction with the national cyclist’s association ADFC and operated through Tern distributor Hartje, the Tern transit authority partnerships began in Munich in April 2011. After a successful launch in the Bavarian capital, partner city and tariff networks expanded to include Stuttgart, Hamburg, Bremen, Munster and Karlsruhe.

With nearly all major regions in southern Germany part of the scheme, Tern transport authority partnerships are well accepted and have successfully spread across Germany in a relatively short timeframe.

“The combination of bicycle and public transport is ideal for urban spaces. The regions that participate in the folding bike ternbicycles.com cooperation projects are clearly forward thinking in addressing current mobility trends,” said Burkhard Stork, General Manager, ADFC Germany.

Tern offers special models through selected dealers in each of the local areas at reduced prices and including benefit packages. For Tern bicycles purchased through the program, free transport during rush hour is expressly permitted in all types of vehicle, including buses.

Find further information about the projects on http://www.tern-verkehrsprojekt.de Find high-resolution images on https://www.dropbox.com/sh/hxcp5dk72gpimnv/A-Jpeoj4c4