Tern Announces Full Sized Folding Cargo Bike, Node Family Redesigned for City-Riding


August 24th, 2015—Tern’s 2016 lineup, debuted today at EuroBike 2015, includes a redesign of the 24” Node line with an emphasis on city-riding, and the introduction of the world’s first full-sized cargo bike, the Cargo Node.

New ‘Around-Town’ Node Bikes

Tern’s redesigned Node line was created for people who love cycling in cities. The new Nodes are built to be cargo capable, comfortable, and ready for contingencies, like rain and darkness. Thanks to their adjustable Andros stems, full-size wheels and stiff Physis 3D handleposts, Node bikes are as solid as Dutch city-bikes, but they fold down small in ten seconds. That means they’re even more useful, so you can bring them on the subway, store them in your apartment, or hide them under your desk at work. With optional dynamo lighting, swept-back handlebars, and integrated racks and fenders, they’re capable work-bikes, with styling that would be at home in any neighborhood café.

Tern Cargo Node

The king of the Node family is the new Cargo Node, dubbed The Moving Company. It’s a game changer for people who live in cities. It’s designed to fit in an elevator, so it’s easy to store in an apartment. It’s equipped with an adjustable Andros stem, so riders can fine-tune their position on the fly. With a high efficiency dynamo hub and 150 lumen front light, it’s perfect for night riding. It sports wide gearing, so it’s perfect for hilly climbs, even when loaded with up to 160 kg. At 24.5 kg, it’s light enough to carry onto public transit, and because you can bring it conveniently inside, you don’t need to lock it out overnight.

The new Node family is designed to make car-free lifestyles more accessible. With a whole range of functions and capabilities in the family, riders will be sure to find a ride that fits their urban life. Look out for them in 2016.

Node D8, D7i and D16 MSRP €799 – €999

Cargo Node MSRP €1899