Tern Announces Three Versatile New Additions to its Cargo-Carrying Ecosystem

August 24th, 2015—Tern Bicycles announced three new additions to its cargo-carrying ecosystem today at EuroBike 2015: the capacious Big Mouth Pannier, the lightweight and durable Kontti Basket, and a compact handlepost bag, the RidePocket. Over the last several years Tern has solidified its leadership as an urban transportation company by designing versatile racks and bags for its bikes. These three new accessories round out Tern’s offering, so riders can comfortably commute, shop, and tour on Tern’s folding bikes, without any compromises.

Tern Big Mouth Pannier

The Big Mouth Pannier is the newest and biggest addition to Tern’s ecosystem of bags that help you carry a load on your bike. The Big Mouth holds up to 23 L so it’s perfect for grocery runs or daily commuting. Thanks to the wide cinch-top opening, riders can easily organize, load, and secure their cargo.

The Big Mouth hangs on the side of the rear pannier rack with robust Ortlieb pannier hooks, so it’s built for years of reliable operation. It’s constructed from rugged 840 and 1020 denier nylon and it’s light too—only 0.87 kg. Plus, it folds flat when not in use, for a discreet and narrow profile.

Tern Kontti Basket

Lightweight, roomy and virtually indestructible, the Kontti Basket is a cargo workhorse for rear racks. Boasting a generous 18 liter capacity and support for loads up to 9 kg, the Kontti uses Ortlieb rack mounts for easy one-hand operation. Rugged polypropylene construction, an open-top design, reflective accents for nighttime visibility, and a convenient carrying handle make it perfect for getting things done around town.

Tern RidePocket

The RidePocket is a compact handlepost bag built to hold everything riders keep in their pockets: wallet, cellphone, and keys. With the RidePocket riders can cycle comfortably - no more sitting on their house keys. Since it’s intuitively organized, one’s essentials are right where they need them—no more fishing around in the bottom of a backpack or pannier. The RidePocked includes a weatherproof rain cover, so it’s ready for torrential downpours, and it’s built from durable 420 denier nylon, so it’s tough. It mounts securely, but comes off easily, so you can bring it in with you when you lock your bike outside.

Big Mouth Pannier MSRP €65

Tern Kontii Basket MSRP €40

Tern RidePocket MSRP €29