Tern Announces the World’s Fastest Folding-Bike, Gates Belt-Drive Bicycle


August 24th, 2015—Tern’s 2016 lineup, debuted today at EuroBike 2015, sets a new benchmark for research and innovation in the urban transportation industry.

With the Eclipse X22, the world’s fastest folding-bike, and the Verge S8i, the world’s most versatile ultra low-maintenance folding bike, Tern deftly brings cutting-edge technology from the bike industry at large to the heart of folding bike design.

Tern Eclipse X22 — The Blackbird

Tern’s X22 is designed to be the fastest folding-bike in the world. Thanks to its hand-built 26” wheels and race-tuned geometry it’s a full sized road bike, but it folds down small in ten seconds. It delivers the ride and specs of a performance road bike, yet effortlessly reconfigures into a commuter or light-tourer. With its re-engineered Physis 3D handlepost and race-tuned Eclipse frame it’s amazingly stiff and responsive. It boasts an Ultegra drivetrain, and—just in time for the UCI’s new regulations—a set of Shimano hydraulic disc brakes. With a stealth black finish, hydroformed fork, red Syntace accents, and perfected engineering, the X22 inaugurates a new chapter in Tern design.

Kinetix Pro X 26er Disc Wheels

The X22 is driven by a set of 26” Kinetix Pro X Disc Wheels—a size-first for Tern’s

Eclipse family of bikes. Tested to EN/ISO standards for strength and durability, the wheels are built with Sapim CX-Sprint straight-pull aero spokes laced in a patented Rolf low-count, paired-spoke pattern. With custom designed front and rear hubs and precision CNC machined flanges, the X22 rolls with perfect spoke alignment. For brakes, the wheels use the IS 6 bolt disc standard so they’re compatible with a wide range of disc systems.

Tern Verge S8i — The Super-Commuter

Tern’s other major cutting-edge announcement of the day, the Verge S8i, is the world’s most versatile ultra low-maintenance folding bike. It’s designed around a Gates belt drive, Shimano’s 8-speed Alfine hub, and a ceramic-black matte frame. The result is a practically silent super-commuter with no greasy parts or protruding derailleurs, plus a gear range for any incline. The bike is engineered for every contingency: ride at night with the efficient Joule 3 dynamo hub and 150 lumen Valo 2 light; ride through hurricanes with full SKS fenders and hydraulic Deore disc brakes. The S8i has an extra-long wheelbase and Schwalbe Big Apple tires, so it rolls confidently over any and all potholes. It will get you there quickly, cleanly and most importantly, in style.

S8i MSRP €1999

X22 MSRP €2599