Josh Hon of Tern Bicycles to Present at Velo-City 2016

TAIPEI, TAIWAN — February 22nd, 2016 — Josh Hon, Founder and Team Captain of Tern Bicycles, will deliver a talk on “Accelerating the Goal of Sustainable Transportation in Asia” at the Velo-city 2016 conference on March 1st in Taipei.

Velo-city, the world’s foremost conference for bicycle advocacy, policy and research, brings together city planners, government leaders and bicycle industry experts to share expertise for creating a bike-friendly world. Velo-city 2016 is a unique iteration of the conference, the first ever hosted in Asia since its founding in 1980.

As Asia rapidly urbanizes, crises and opportunities intensify. While car sales and pollution are growing issues throughout the continent, centers like Taipei, Tokyo and Seoul are pioneering new approaches to sustainability. Taiwan is a global bike leader, not only as a manufacturing and R&D center, but also as a leader in bike-sharing, and country-wide cycling networks. Tern, a Taipei-based bicycle company, offers unique lessons for designing products that help urban transportation scale sustainably.

“Folding bikes amplify public transportation by extending the range of accessibility” says Hon. “When people commute intermodally, cities can be re-imagined. Whether that means parking spaces turned into parks, or lean yet efficient public transit networks, folding bikes catalyze innovative thinking about urban planning and governance. We’re excited to meet with other transportation advocacy leaders, to share inspiration for building a sustainable future.”


Folding bikes are a technologically driven category, where innovations in manufacturing and materials create better riding, lighter and more versatile bikes. While pushing the envelope in product design, Tern also works with government leaders and business people throughout the world to encourage sustainable transportation. After building bike-advocacy partnerships with German transit authorities and promotions with car sharing services like car2go, Tern looks forward to meeting the call for sustainable transportation throughout Asia.


The day’s panel, which includes Claus Fleischer, CEO of Bosch eBike Systems, and Han Wu, CEO of Design Capital 2016, promises to offer an interdisciplinary mix of ideas and influences.

Download high-resolution images of Tern's award-winning bikes here: