Tern Joins Bosch for eBike Launch at Tokyo Motor Show

October 31st, Tokyo, Japan — Urban transportation specialist Tern is partnering with Bosch eBike Systems to enter the Japan market with the the next-generation of Bosch eBike technology, showcased on an all-new folding e-bike. The concept bike will be presented at the Tokyo Motor Show, in the Bosch booth, from October 27th to November 5th. The event marks Tern’s entry into the Japan e-bike market. Likewise, Japan marks Bosch’s first e-bike market in Asia.

Tern Joins Bosch for eBike Launch at Tokyo Motor Show

“Japan is the original e-bike market,” said Josh Hon, Tern Team Captain. “Moderately powered ‘mamachari’ e-bikes are widely used by parents sending kids off to school. But with the recent e-bike boom in Europe and North America, e-bikes have evolved in power, capability, and sophistication. We’re excited to partner with Bosch to bring forward-thinking designs to Japan, and get even more people out riding.”

Tern’s new concept bike takes the core technology of the Vektron family and combines it with Bosch’s 2018 Active Plus system. Compared with the previous generation hardware, the newest Bosch system is lighter, more compact, quieter, and more efficient. Furthermore, when ridden without power support, the system offers barely any resistance. Tern’s bike features a strong and stiff integrated rack, more convenient battery placement, and comes in under 20 kg. That makes it ideal for multi-modal commuting, family transport, and personal transportation.

“Bosch is the global leader in e-bike systems and Tern is a leader in urban transport bikes,” continued Hon. “Changing consumer perception and habits in the competitive Japan market won’t be easy but we couldn’t have a better partners than Bosch and our local distribution partner Akibo Corporation.”

See Tern’s concept bike at the Bosch booth of the Tokyo Motor Show from October 27th until November 5th.

Select media are invited to visit the Bosch eBike Systems Press Day on November 2nd in Tokyo, to test the new bike.