Tern Upgrades Vektron Folding eBike Line

June 2018 — Urban transportation specialist Tern has announced an upgrade to its Vektron folding ebike lineup, with three new models. The new Vektron is equipped with the latest Bosch drive system, gets a re-worked frame and riding geometry, and is equipped with an ultra-robust rack that follows the lineage of the heavy-duty Tern GSD.

Tern Upgrades Vektron Folding eBike Line

"The new Vektron is lighter, stronger, quieter, and more comfortable to ride," stated Josh Hon, Tern Team Captain. "And two of the new models sit at lower price points as well. No matter how good a product is, you can always make it better based on feedback."

The new Vektron models range from $2995/€2995 to $3595/€3395. The updated Vektron maintains its original super compact fold and superior riding characteristics, and adds a number of improvements:

New Bosch drivetrains

Bosch's new Active Line and Active Line Plus drivetrains take a big leap forward in sophistication. They are substantially smoother, smaller, lighter, and more efficient. And they are virtually silent.

Updated frame

The new Vektron features a completely re-engineered frame and frame geometry. The cockpit is longer for improved comfort for taller riders. The frame has been designed with additional forged and machined elements for additional strength without extra weight. The battery now reclines backwards, keeping the center of gravity as low as possible for superior handling. The updated Vektron also stands up vertically when folded, making it even easier to roll around.

Vektron S10

Robust rack with GSDna

With structural cues from the heavy-duty Tern GSD, the new Vektron rack has been massively strengthened and increased in size. This reduces flex for more secure handling. In addition, the center of gravity has been lowered, making it much safer when riding with a child in a child seat.

Bucketload pannier

The Vektron also features the new and optional Bucketload pannier. Engineered to fit every configuration of the Vektron, it can be used even when the upper rails of the rear rack are taken by other gear, such as a child seat or a basket. The Bucketload folds flat when not in use or when the bike is folded. It is also sized to provide excellent heel clearance without interfering when the bike is folded or being rolled. And during riding, the Bucketload is roomy enough to swallow a large backpack.

Bucketload Pannier

"Quality matters when choosing a bike for transportation," stated Josh Hon, Tern Team Captain. "With strong sales of the Vektron, it's great to see that consumers are recognizing Tern and Bosch as the top choice when they look for a portable ebike."

The three new models include the Vektron Q9 at $2995/€2995, the Vektron P7i at $3195/€3095, and the Vektron S10 at $3595/€3395. Shipping to the EU and the US starts in Q3 2018.

The new Vektron lineup will be on display at Eurobike 2018. Tern’s booth, located in hall B4-405, will be open for visitors from July 8 to July 10.