Tern Shows #BikesForBusiness Solutions at Eurobike


Friedrichshafen, September 4, 2019 — Urban transportation specialist Tern today unveiled a dedicated #BikesForBusiness area at Eurobike. The #BikesForBusiness area highlights the range of Tern bikes and customized accessories that can be used for business applications.

"When it comes to commercial logistics and urban mobility, it's increasingly evident that ebikes are often a more reliable, flexible, and cost-effective solution," stated Matt Davis, Tern Sales Director. "There are so many ways that ebikes can be used to optimize business operations—we're here at Eurobike to show potential customers and dealers how our unique products can serve their needs."

"In the last year, we've spoken to an ever-increasing number of businesses large and small, that want to integrate bikes into their operations," continued Davis. "One government department in California voted to replace staff cars with Tern GSD ebikes for running between offices. A cruise ship operator stocked several of their ships with fleets of Tern Vektron ebikes to rent to customers. Grocery store chains want to make deliveries by ebike. Universities want to replace campus shuttles with a fleet of ebikes. The list of interesting projects goes on and on."

Three cargo bikes are on display, ranging from the heavy-duty GSD (200 kg maximum gross vehicle weight) to lighter-duty models suitable for a wide range of business applications. Commercial customers will find a diverse mix of bikes and custom accessories that can be mixed and matched to meet a wide range of prices, cargo volumes, and weight requirements. Also on display is the Carla Cargo trailer, an emission-free alternative that can haul heavy loads quickly with a little help from the GSD and a specially designed Carla Cargo coupling.

"There's a lot of talk about going direct and cutting out the dealer," stated Davis. "We want our dealers to know that when businesses buy mission-critical equipment, they demand fast, convenient, and professional service. And that's something they get from a local bike shop—not somebody on the telephone 500 km or another country away. So whether it's a local pizza shop or hotel or package delivery service, we're going to be working with our dealers to supply the bikes and service to these commercial customers."

Markets trialing #BikesForBusiness currently include the US and the UK. Customers and dealers in other regions may contact their local distributor to express their interest in the program coming to their country.

The Tern #BikesForBusiness area at Eurobike is located at B4-403, and bikes are available for a test-ride at DA-420. If you can't make it to the show, be sure to visit the #BikesForBusiness website to find out the latest information from Tern.


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