Tern Launches New Modular Accessories for Kids and Cargo on the GSD

Tern Launches New Modular Accessories for Kids and Cargo on the GSD

November 10, 2020 — Urban mobility specialist Tern today announced a new modular system of accessories to carry passengers or cargo on the recently upgraded GSD.

The system includes two brand new accessories—Storm Box and Storm Shield—and the previously announced Clubhouse+ and Sidekick Wide Decks. Together, these four accessories form the Clubhouse Fort, an all-weather solution for carrying young passengers on the back of the GSD.


Clubhouse Fort

"If we're going to convince more people to ride, then we need to make the journey more comfortable for all passengers," stated Josh Hon, Tern Team Captain. "So we've created a system that helps keep kids warm and dry. And we're confident that parents will appreciate the reduction in complaints and time wrestling kids into rain suits."

The Clubhouse Fort fits up to two kids, in or out of child seats, with a maximum recommended height of 140 cm (4’7”). A ventilation panel on the back of the Storm Shield ensures proper airflow, while large roll-up windows allow young passengers to enjoy the view. Inner pockets hold water bottles, snacks, or toys, creating a cozy space for the kids.

The new system of accessories is modular and flexible. The Storm Shield can easily be removed and stashed inside the Storm Box when not needed.


Riders who need to carry cargo will appreciate the Storm Box, made of tough waterproof fabric which stretches around the Clubhouse+. It transforms the rear of the GSD into a massive (but soft) bucket that can carry up to 160 L of whatever needs to hauled, including long and oddly-shaped objects. The Storm Box comes with two covers—the Kid Lid, which functions like a spray skirt to seal in warmth, and the Cargo Lid, a waterproof and lockable cover that's perfect if you have several stops on a shopping trip.

Storm BoxStorm Box


The Storm Shield and Storm Box are built for visibility. Both feature reflective silver accents and 3M reflective yellow strips. Both accessories also feature tabs to attach additional lights if desired.

The new Clubhouse Fort accessories are compatible with the new GSD, which will begin arriving in bike shops in December and January. The Storm Shield is also backwards compatible with the original GSD. The Storm Shield and Storm Box will be available in early Q1, each with an MSRP of USD/EUR 220.


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