Transporteur Rack vs. Hauler Rack: How to Choose

Transporteur Rack vs. Hauler Rack: How to Choose

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The Transporteur Rack and Hauler Rack have gained a lot of popularity among Tern enthusiasts, and we know riders are often undecided about which one to pick. Let’s explore the details to understand more about the benefits of each rack, and which one may suit your needs best!


Hauler RackHauler Rack

1. Similarities

  • Same weight limit: The maximum load for both racks is 20 kg (44 lb).
  • Same compatibility: Both racks attach to the Combo Mount on the bike's head tube and are great options for the GSD, HSD, NBD, Quick Haul, and Short Haul.
  • Super stable: Since both racks attach to the Combo Mount, riding the bike feels super stable even when carrying heavy loads in front.
  • Same attachment options: Both racks can be used as a semi-permanent solution using the included bolt set. Alternatively, both racks work with the Quick Release CMT if you frequently need to remove your rack.
  • Odd-size-friendly: Sometimes, you need to carry stuff that doesn’t fit well into a pannier. Either the Hauler or Transporteur Rack would be a good option for this task.
  • Neat little extras: Both racks come with useful bungee cords to hold your stuff in place, and mounting points for bottle cages or other accessories.

Transporteur RackTransporteur Rack

2. Differences

  • Open-ended design vs. side edges: The Hauler Rack has an open-ended design, while the Transporteur Rack has side edges. The Transporteur makes it easier to carry a 300 x 400 mm crate, while the Hauler makes it easier to carry larger crates or boxes.
  • Bottom tray vs. open bottom: The Transporteur Rack has a flat, even surface on which you can place your items, while the Hauler Rack has open spaces between the tubing.
  • Dimensions: The Hauler Rack is slightly narrower than the Transporteur Rack, making it easier to maneuver your bike in tighter spaces.

3. Which one should I get?

Now that you’ve become a bit more familiar with the features of the two racks, it’s time to consider some determining factors. Since a front rack is a semi-permanent addition to your bike, you might want to make the right choice immediately. You could ask yourself what kind of stuff you usually carry (size, shape, weight?), and for what purpose.

Transporteur Rack

Choose the Transporteur Rack if you want all kinds of stuff to sit securely in its 300 x 400 inner space without much effort. If you prefer carrying a crate, the WeatherTop Bag, or the WeatherTop Cooler, then this is the rack for you.

Hauler Rack

Pick the Hauler Rack if you prefer to have a narrower and smaller rack, which will be easier to handle when you’re maneuvering your bike in tighter spaces. The Hauler Rack is as capable as the Transporteur and can carry the same items, but you'll probably spend just a little more time to secure your stuff.

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