Kinetix Pro Wheel

Kinetix® Pro Wheels

Faster by design

The lightest, fastest, 507 wheels available. ’nuff said.

Rolf® Paired Spoke Technology

Paired Spoke lacing allows us to use fewer spokes at much higher tensions, resulting in a wheel that is lighter, stronger, and more aerodynamic.

Self-Aligning Nipples

Sapim nipples have a convex surface that allows perfectly straight alignment of the spokes. This increases strength and durability by eliminating the most common type of spoke breakage.


Kinetix Pro wheels are painstakingly built by hand from start to finish by a single wheelsmith. Each wheel goes through three cycles of truing and spoke de-stressing.

Top Quality Parts

Custom hubs from American Classic. Custom forged aero spokes from Sapim. Custom rims, with a proprietary aluminum alloy, from one of the best in the industry.

Light Weight

Less than 1 kg per rim.