Meet the Link

Link folding bicycle

Delivering Seamless Journeys

The Link family of bikes is designed with a simple goal: getting you where you need to be. The Link folds down small for hassle-free storage and security and offers a stable, comfortable ride. Do your entire trip by bike, or pop your Link onto the bus or subway to mix things up—either way, your Link is sure to catch some attention with its sleek new styling and cool shades.

Tern Link - budget 20 inch folding bike
Tern Link - affordable folding bike

Goes Everywhere You Go

The Link folds in 10 seconds, so you can stash it under your desk, bring it with you on public transport, or stow it near your table at the café. No more searching for a bike rack, fiddling with locks, and wondering whether your bike will still be there when you get back—the Link goes where you go.

Ready for Extras

The Link comes ready for all the extras that make biking practical and convenient. Got stuff to carry? No problem. All models feature either an integrated rear rack or the ability to add one on, and some models also have a front Luggage Socket. Fenders and integrated lighting are also available.

Link folding bike
Link 20 inch folding bicycle

Smooth City Riding

The Link makes city riding simple, smooth, and enjoyable. Versatile gearing makes easy work of stop-and-go traffic and hills, while small 20" wheels offer maximum maneuverability in crowded areas. A long wheelbase and stiff construction ensure a ride so stable, you'll forget it's a folding bike.

Why the Link?

Tern Folding Technology

Tern Folding Technology

Achieving both a fast, small fold and a super stable ride requires us to have a few tricks up our sleeve. Innovations like our patented Andros Stem, Physis 3D Handlepost, and OCL+ Frame Joint make it possible.

Link Physis Handlepost

One Size Fits Most

Adjusts to fit a wide range of rider heights with a telescopic seatpost and either a telescopic handlepost or the Andros Stem, which lets you adjust the height and angle of the handlebars in seconds without tools.

Link Accessories

All the Right Gear

Choose from our extensive ecosystem of accessories to create solutions that work for you. From bags to baskets to briefcases for your bike, we've got what you need to turn your Link into an urban-commuting workhorse.

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Product Reviews

The Link A7’s fast, compact fold and lightweight aluminum frame make storing and transporting the bike a non-issue. It won’t fit in a stocking, but you can stash it most anywhere else—in the trunk of your car, next to your seat on a train or bus, or under your desk at work.

Momentum Mag

Affordable. Folds up quickly and easily for storage and transport. Adjustable for a wide range of heights. A surprisingly smooth and stable ride.