Valo Direct

Immediate Illumination

Our 41 lux, 150 lumen Valo Direct lights up your ride without adding the drag or weight of a dynamo. It’s engineered to sit inside our Andros or VRO 47 stems, where it’s safe from knocks, bumps, and theft. That means it’s protected while folding, and optimally positioned to give you the most light. The Valo Direct boasts the same game-changing optics as the Valo 2, but it’s battery powered. That means setup is a breeze—just plug-and-play with any standard power bank for nighttime visibility.

• Clarity optics with 150 lumens for a bright, 41 lux beam of light
• Wide, even beam pattern provides side-of-the-road visibility
• Zero drag for riders who want Valo lighting without the resistance and weight of a dynamo
• Patented CryoCore® cooling design uses the handlebar as a heat sink for bright and efficient output
• Nestled in the cockpit for theft-proof peace of mind
• Works with all power banks, which can be stored handily in the Tern RidePocket
• K-Mark approved

Valo Direct: Battery-Powered Front Bike Light

Get the Facts

Max Dimensions (per unit)
77 × 60 × 63 mm (3 × 2.4 × 2.5 in)
Weight (per set)
0.074 kg (0.2 lb)