Introducing the Tern RidePocket

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We designed the RidePocket because we love cycling in cities, but we hate sitting on our wallet and keys when we ride. Saddle bags are great, but they leave all your essentials out of reach. The RidePocket sits right there on your handlepost. Your wallet, cellphone and keys are intuitively organized and even easier to access than when they’re on your person.

The RidePocket mounts securely but comes off easily, so you can bring it in with you when you lock your bike outside. To mount the RidePocket on your bike simply wrap the Strap around the Handlepost. Push down on the Strap to get it nice and tight.


The RidePocket is optimized for bikes with a Handlepost but, if you own a Tern Joe bike, it will also mount on the Handlebar Stem.


The RidePocket mounts on the Handlebar Stem on Joe-series bikes
The RidePocket mounts on the Handlebar Stem on Joe-series bikes


Your smartphone is the world’s best cycle-computer, but ride-tracking apps can be power-sapping. We designed the RidePocket to hold a power bank, so you can charge your handlebar-mounted phone. Just run your charging cable through the Cable Outlet, and keep everything else zipped tightly into place.


Tern RidePocket
Charge your handlebar-mounted phone by running a cable through the Cable Outlet to a power bank in the RidePocket.

Inside every RidePocket, there’s a handy Rain Cover, which is designed to protect the bag and its contents from downpours. It packs up nice and small—bring it along for the ride, and stay prepared.


The Rain Cover will protect your stuff from downpours.

A final note, please make sure the Strap does not get in behind the Handlepost Lever, as it can prevent your Handlepost Lever from closing properly.


The Strap should NOT sit behind the Handlepost Lever.


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