Tern and car2go Team for 21st Century Mobility in Italian Cities

Bike-car combination delivers practical and eco-friendly solution for modern urban mobility

TAIPEI, TAIWAN — June 2, 2014 — Urban transport specialist, Tern, announced a partnership with car2go, Europe’s leading car sharing service. The program brings together car2go’s Smart Fortwo Coupés and Tern bikes to offer a flexible and environmentally-friendly alternative for urban mobility.

“A bike is an extraordinary multiplier. You can access a lot more cars because the area you can cover is ten times as large,” said Joshua Hon, Tern Team Captain. “Plus, a Tern bike fits into the trunk of the Smart so well you’d think they were made for each other.”

The cooperation is an expression of car2go and Tern’s shared commitment to 360° sustainable urban mobility, road safety and respect for the environment. The project currently operates in Milan, Florence and Rome but will expand as car2go enters new Italian cities.

Under the terms of the agreement, from now to July 31, 2014, Tern and car2go will offer the following special joint promotions to their customers in Rome, Milan and Florence.

car2go subscribers who present their membership card and a valid ID at Tern authorized bike shops in participating cities can choose to receive a 75% discount on a Tern CarryOn Cover and a 30% discount on a BioLogic Pango Helmet with a purchase of a Tern Link Uno or receive a 30% discount on a BioLogic Pango Helmet.

Any Tern bike owner is eligible to collect a car2go card with 30 minutes of free rental service by visiting a car2go registration point in participating cities with a Tern bike and registering with the car2go service.  Tern owners also have the option to preregister on the car2go website prior to their visit to the car2go registration point. 

Tern + car2go online factsheet

Further information about car2go:

• Milan car2go city site: https://www.car2go.com/en/milano/
• Rome car2go city site: https://www.car2go.com/en/roma/
• Florence car2go city site: https://www.car2go.com/en/firenze/