Bosch Intuvia Display Settings

Bosch Intuvia Display Settings

The GSD R14, HSD S+, and NBD are equipped with a Bosch Intuvia control center. The Intuvia provides lots of valuable information about your e-bike's functionality and allows you to change key settings like your e-assist level.

This article will explain how to use the Intuvia's controls and how to access different Intuvia display settings.

What is the Bosch Intuvia display?

The Intuvia is an information-rich onboard computer for e-bikes with Bosch motor systems.

The Intuvia display is where you'll find information about your current settings and ride characteristics, such as your e-assist level, current and average speed, and trip distance. The Intuvia controller lets you change your e-assist level with the press of a button.

Where is the Intuvia display located?

The Intuvia display is located just to the left of the handlebars' center. 

The Intuvia controller is located to the left of the display near the left-hand grip. The controller's location on the bike makes it easy to press the buttons with your left thumb while riding.

What do the buttons on the Intuvia display do?

There are four buttons on the Intuvia display itself. Here's a quick explanation of what each button does:

1. On/Off Button

Press this button to turn your e-bike's motor system on and off.

2. "i" Button

Single-press this button to cycle through the Intuvia's trip statistics display modes. You can think of the "i" as standing for "information".

3. Reset Button

Long-press this button to clear and reset specific trip statistics, including:

  • Trip distance
  • Trip time
  • Average speed
  • Maximum speed

4. Lights Button

On most bikes, the Intuvia's Lights button is used for turning a bike's integrated lighting system on and off—but if you have the GSD R14, your bike's lights are "always-on," so pressing the Intuvia's Lights button won't do anything.

If you have a GSD R14, use the button set on the left side of the handlebars to turn both your Ignis Headlight and your rear light on and off. The button facing you turns the lights on and off, while the button facing away from you toggles between the headlight's high and low beams.

In addition, your GSD R14 is equipped with the RearStop Brake Light, which lights up whenever you press the brake levers. The RearStop Brake Light works whenever you turn your bike's motor system on, even if your front and rear lights are switched off.

What do the buttons on the Intuvia controller do?

The Intuvia controller on the handlebars' left side has three vertically oriented buttons. Use the "+" and "-" buttons on the top and bottom to cycle up and down through your bike's e-assist modes: Off, Eco, Tour, Sport, and Turbo.

The "i" button in the middle works just like the "i" button on the display. It lets you switch between different display modes. This button is rubberized to make it easy to find without taking your eyes off the road.

What information can I find using the Intuvia display?

The top section of the Intuvia display always shows the following information:

  • Approximate battery life remaining (the five bars represent 20% increments)
  • Current speed
  • Current e-assist level
  • Current requested motor output (the vertical bars next to the e-assist level indicator show you how much assistance the motor is providing)

The bottom section of the Intuvia display shows different information depending on what display mode you're in. Single-press the "i" button to cycle through the following trip statistics display modes:

  • Maximum speed
  • Average speed
  • Trip time
  • Dynamic range estimate
  • Odometer
  • Trip distance
  • Clock
  • Gear

How do I change the Intuvia's display settings?

There are a few Intuvia display settings you might want to change. The most common ones are:

  • Switching from metric units (km) to imperial units (mi), or vice versa
  • Setting the clock (for example, at Daylight Savings Time)

To change these settings, long-press the Reset and "i" buttons simultaneously. A configuration menu will appear, and you can use the "+" and "-" buttons to make adjustments from there.

For the GSD R14, this configuration menu allows you to change your Rohloff E-14 hub's start gear for auto-downshifting.

For the HSD S+, this configuration menu allows you to change your cadence.

How do I use my e-bike's Walk Assist mode?

Your bike's Bosch motor system includes a Walk Assist mode. This mode provides a little bit of assistance to a person walking alongside and pushing the bike. 

To activate Walk Assist, make sure the bike is in one of the four e-assist modes (Walk Assist will not turn on if the motor system is set to "Off"). Then, single-press the Walk button on the top edge of the Intuvia controller (on the left side of the handlebars). The word "WALK+" will appear briefly on the Intuvia display. While Walk+ is shown, press and hold the "+" button to activate Walk Assist. Walk Assist will turn off when you release the "+" button.

Can I use the Intuvia display's USB port to charge devices?

The micro-USB B port on the Intuvia display has a charging voltage of 5V and a maximum 500 mA charging current. It provides enough power to charge some small handheld devices like smartphones and GPS systems.

This port also allows a Bosch-certified Tern dealer to monitor your e-bike's Bosch Motor System status and provide advanced service, such as installing firmware updates.

What should I do if the wrench icon appears on the Intuvia display?

Your e-bike is programmed to provide maintenance reminders at certain intervals. If the wrench icon appears on your Intuvia display, it means your bike is due for service. Please take your e-bike to your Tern dealer for assistance.

What should I do if an error message appears on the Intuvia display?

Your e-bike's Bosch Motor System includes software that continuously monitors your bike's components. If the system detects an error, a numeric error code may appear on the Intuvia display. Depending on the type of error, your bike's motor system may be automatically shut off.

If an error message appears on your display, take your e-bike to your Tern dealer for help.

How do you change the Intuvia display's battery?

There is a small lithium-ion battery inside the Intuvia display. This battery draws power from your e-bike's main battery, but the battery still has a limited lifespan, and you may need to replace it after owning your bike for a couple of years. If you think your Intuvia display's battery needs to be replaced, please see your Tern dealer for help. 

What else should I know about the Intuvia?

One neat thing about the Intuvia display is that it's removable. This can come in handy if you need to leave your bike parked somewhere and want to prevent passersby from stealing or tampering with the display. Just pull the tab on the mounting bracket and slide the display out. It's still possible to use the display when it's off the bike.

What if I have more questions about the Intuvia?

For more detailed information about the Bosch Intuvia display, download the manual from Bosch's manuals page.